Weekend Open Forum: What's the worst game you've ever played?

Shawn Knight

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Last week, we asked everyone to share the best game they played this year with Dragon Age: Inquisition, Hearthstone and Wolfenstein all receiving multiple nods from the TechSpot faithful.

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Too many bad games to make a list. A game that could have been good but was real bad was one of the Resident Evil games...no good mouse control


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I always see people hate on DNF single player. Which is understandable. But I thought the multiplayer was fun a hell. Idk whats with all the DNF hate.

Worst game hard to say, but I'm hating kinect sports at the moment. Navigating through the different sports is very frustrating. You have to swipe over and over and over to get it to move 1 option over. Its very poorly designed and or programmed. The games are ok to terrible. The menu navigation is so bad Iv only played it 3 times.


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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (NES). Hands down the most infuriating and incomprehensible piece of garbage I've ever spent time on.


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Silent Hunter 5: Battle for the Atlantic. After the brilliant Silent Hunter 3 and the pretty decent Silent Hunter 4, was really looking forward to #5. Ubisoft released the game filled with bugs and had completely changed the game mechanics and UI. It was awful - just awful. User scores on Metacritic gave it a 3.0, and I think that's being generous.
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Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, by a long, long margin. I've played some real gems as far as bad games are concerned (DNF and pre-patched Gothic III spring immediately to mind), but I have yet to encounter a game so technically and compositionally irredeemable as AoD.


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I usually manage to avoid bad games, but as a Painkiller fan I bought, played and BEAT Painkiller: Resurrection. It was painful allright, I had to use cheats to beat it because it was so damn dull and stupid. By the way let me take the opportunity to say that I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever (singleplayer, multiplayer and the DLC) and Aliens Colonial Marines (I played the most patched version and also the DLC), both are pretty decent.


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There have been games that I put down never to pick up again, but nothing comes to mind when I think of "worst"...

Though there was this Conan game for the 360 that I will not touch again. Was a pain in my butt to beat :p


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I cant think of many games ive played that were genuinely bad. I hated crysis 2 I suppose because whenever I tried to play multiplayer with friends it was a complete camo spam fest. Hide in camo the entire match, then when you find someone, turn on super armor and spray.

also, even though sonic unleashed returned to fast fun sonic gameplay, the whole werehog thing....I dont even


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NFS the run, a 4 hours long NFS. What do they did for 2 whole years?? Even third lord of the rings movie was longer.
COD Black op 2, reviewers considered this as one of the better CODs but it is the only COD I baught. And being a Battlefield fan, I hated in every single way I could have.


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This is a tough one. Sadly, I've seen far more terrible games than great ones. To be truly awful I would assume the game should have multiple areas of weakness but run well enough that you can actually get a feel for it. Dishonored was pretty bad: recycled HL2 graphics, incredibly ugly character models, transparent story and a mess of a world that felt like a collision of AC and Oblivion. The irony of being punished for killing when it was impossible to finish a level without taking lives was also infuriating. The numerous bugs didn't help either. Everyone I know gave up on on this steaming pile pretty quickly.


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DNF for me. Maybe I was expecting too much tho... oh, and MP was also crap by the way, most funless quake 3 arena clone I`ve ever seen.


The Chrome Franchise (Chrome & Chrome: Specforce); horrible graphics, horrible AI, horrible story, horrible sound. -∞/10 Seriously you will cry from it...


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Red Alert 3 multiplayer from day one till the day it died.

I didn't mind the latest Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare. That said all the bugs, stability issues and general lag is making me start to hate it :(


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Games that worked* but I still didn't like:

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty was really bad.
F.E.A.R. 3 (I think it was 3, may have been 2).

Games that I hated because I liked them so much:

Another World. It's been 20 years and there's still an area I've never gotten past because #$%@ that game.

Jad Chaar

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Heroes and Generals: good concept but horrible execution. Downloaded it, got excited, made an account, got stuck in a 300 man queue. Uninstalled haha.