Weekend Open Forum: Windows 8 ditches Aero Glass -- will you miss it?

By Matthew ยท 104 replies
May 18, 2012
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  1. No, you're mistaken.
  2. I run Aero with glass enabled on all 5 of my systems (including my DELL Mini 1012) which have Vista Business SP2 installed. I have no issues whatsoever with Vista which I vLited to remove unwanted junk. I'll be running Vista Business until its end of life in 2017 and will then look to see what MS is offering around that time.

    I see so many people basing Vista that it's ridiculous. If you know how to properly install and maintain your operating system plus have GOOD hardware you will have minimal or no issues.
  3. Typo correction... basing = bashing.
  4. Total baloney, previous guest. Vista is poor, that's why so many people baste it.
  5. I've converted a couple of notebooks at this point, an older Lenovo and a HP Touchsmart. I already miss aero. Can really explain why, but aero looks so good compared to the flat colors in Windows 8. I will not be upgrading my key computers because of this (and various other reasons)!

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