Weekend tech reading: Microsoft to reveal Xbox "Smart Glass" tablet?


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Microsoft set to reveal 'Xbox Smart Glass' tablet at this years E3 The last couple of weeks leading up to E3 have been good for anyone that loves insider information. Today's...

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I haven't had any trouble opening the Clam-shell designed packaging. It was a hilarious video, but the scissors man, use the scissors! Cut around the packaging at two of the sides and the hinge or top.

Control a xbox 360 remotely through a tablet? Woohoo... guess I will have to wait to see what is so special... doesn't seem like a 'giant step' to me.

.sucks, kinda expensive if you ask me. I suppose they could make their money back, but seriously?

Assign me a password and I wont ever use your site, until I can change it to what I want- which I may be 55+ by then... I don't remember phone numbers since I got a cell phone, I barely remember my phone number.

Holy crap, I'm negative today, guess having a slung rod can ruin your day... darn car.


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Well actually clamshell is not the worst kind of design when you look at its purpose, which is meant to be cheap, display the product, and most importantly be impossible to open inside the store by a thief. Our ease of use probably wasn't the priority when it was designed.

Per Hansson

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Clamshell packaging has a purpose.
The worst kind of design ever done is juice packages with a too small opening so you always get juice everywehere except where you want it!
It's not exactly rocket science to make something that works, especially when 4000 working designs already do exist!


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Plastic clamshell + good pair of scissors = 99.9% Success. Find the right tool for the job and you can't go wrong.