Weekend tech reading: Sony brings PSN back online

Matthew DeCarlo

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Sony brings PSN back online, new security measures in place Sony Online Entertainment brought its PlayStation Network back online in parts of Europe and the U.S. Saturday following a three-week outage…

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Since The NY Times seems to not want comments I'll leave my comment on the "Seven tech trade-offs worth making" here.

Most of the article is well thought out. However . . .

"But one thing you do not have to spend much time looking up is a television?s refresh rate, measured in hertz. That tells you how many times per second the TV refreshes the image on its display. A 60 Hz television refreshes its image 60 times a second; a 120 Hz does it 120 times a second. Many ? if not most ? TVs now have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and more expensive models are faster than that, refreshing the image 240 times per second. And while twice as fast is theoretically better, your eyes would be hard pressed to tell the difference. That is not a tradeoff, that is a ripoff."

This is simply BS. A LCD HDTV with 60Hz refresh looks like trash when watching sports or races. Upgrade to 120Hz and you'll see a big difference. No idea if 240Hz is overkill or not, but 120Hz isn't. Perhaps that's what he meant, but he never makes any distinction.


psn network still down here in Wv. I did get a patch but I am unable to connect.


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PSN is up and working here in the UK, the only 3 guys left at work with a PS3 all confirmed they can play again.