Weekend tech reading: Why would anybody buy Microsoft Office these days?

By Matthew ยท 26 replies
Jun 20, 2010
  1. TJGeezer

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    @captaincranky - '"see what I mean", is an "oxymoron".' In what sense is that common idiom an oxymoron? And while I'm asking, why do you put inappropriate quotation marks around the legitimate word "oxymoron"? (If you don't understand why my use of quotation marks was correct and yours was not, you might consider not issuing usage criticisms at all. Just a suggestion.)

    I use MS Office because I have a legal license and it is the industry standard. In a heavily edited document, nothing gets lost or displays in misleading ways in Word, as it sometimes does in OpenOffice, for example. And I can use it when the local Mexican broadband goes down, unlike cloud-based word processors.

    I use MS Office 2010 because it loads much faster in Windows 7 than Word 2007 did, and I like the way it links up to Skydrive. I like DOCX files because they're significantly smaller than DOC files.

    Once I finish retiring (if I ever do) and start writing only for myself, hell, I might go back to DOS 5 and write in PC Write. I liked the way that old editor worked and I think I still have a copy of it archived somewhere. Maybe I'll haul out the old Olympia typewriter and use that. And it'll be nobody's business but my own if I do. But in the meantime, there's an industry standard called MS Office, it is a very well designed product that deserved to be made the standard, and I expect I'll continue to use it.
  2. captaincranky

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    The common expression, "see what I mean", becomes an oxymoron, since (to me at least) it requires a visual indication of a stated concept. For example, you and I are standing in a field and you point to a barn. "The barn is red" says you, "see what I mean"! In this context, "see what I mean" is not an oxymoron. But without the visual aid, methinks it is.

    Then there's, "see what I'm saying", which is always incontestably an oxymoron.

    And please don't tell me what to post.
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