Weird BIOS/CD drive issue

By ironfreak247
Mar 12, 2017
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  1. Working on a Gateway DX4860 desktop. Trying to do a clean install of Windows 8 from a CD. In the BIOS, I've set the CD drive as the primary boot device. It goes straight to the hard drive every time. When I disconnect the hard drive, it just tells me I need to select a boot device. When pulling the boot menu with F12, the CD drive never shows up.

    Here's the weird thing. In the BIOS under the Miscellaneous menu, it shows the DVD drive make and model in the AHCI port. I can switch the drive to a different SATA port, and it will change ports accordingly. I've tried a different DVD drive and it will do the same thing. However, when you go to choose boot priority, it simply labels the drive as "CD/DVD". There's another setting in the BIOS that allows you to choose which DVD drive to set as priority in case you have 2 installed, but under that screen there's nothing. The only menu that actually shows the dvd drive is the Miscellaneous screen, and as I said, it will show the model and it changes ports if I switch it to another SATA slot on the motherboard. So it's like the motherboard/BIOS detects the drive, but then again it doesn't when it comes to boot priority. Any ideas? Pulling my hair out trying to get this thing lined out. Thinking of getting a new motherboard.

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