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By drakath
Sep 10, 2008
  1. I've never seen this before. I used toucan from to transfer files from one computer onto mine as a backup so that I could format and reinstall windows. After I put these files on my computer I went to look at them and only folders where there, no files. So I choose to show hidden files and system files. Now they are there with a weird icon on the bottom left and they are read-only and hidden. I am unable to un-hide them. when I checked the properties for one of the files it said something but I don't recall the exact wording. It was related to the fact that these files originated from another computer and are blocked or some such. I have AVG and resident shield is currently off, no firewall, just router. It will not be easy to recover these items from the previous computer, because I checked the file size then made there there weren't any failed transfers and then began formatting the other computer. Here is an image of what I am looking at.

    Image Link
  2. drakath

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    I found a way around making the files normal. I should be using this in the first place, but the other option has worked fine until now. I hosted an ftp server, and connected to localhost and tried a test transfer to another folder. They actually look normal now, and are no longer locked as hidden nor even hidden.

    Any info as to why this has happened now but not in the past would be appreciated. At first I thought there was a new windows feature or some such.
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