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Nov 6, 2016
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  1. Having a weird laptop problem. Operating system is Windows 8.1.
    One day pressed the start button and the computer was completely dead and would not start. Gave up in the end but next day tried it and it started no problem. However then I found that all the keys and the touchpad were dead, so could not enter password to get into system. So tried the on-screen keyboard and managed to enter, but then found additional problem keep having characters running across the screen, when in documents or other search boxes, seems to consist mostly of "77797777777977777777777" running across the screen intermittently every 10 seconds or so, it's driving me nuts. so eventually decided might be the best way to disconnect the keyboard in case keys were stuck for some reason and then buy an external USB keyboard which would be better than buying a new laptop. So opened up computer disconnected keyboard and could not believe it when I restarted computer these damn characters are still running across the screen
    Well, eventually looked like it might be Win prob, After trying everything decided nothing to lose,so as last resort did System Restore, which is always a bit hit and miss, often there being no restore point. But fortunately there was a point, restored and everything was working.
    Hoped that was the end of the problem, but unfortunately not. Started computer next day and again I could not enter the password because of characters again running across the log-in box.
    Then seems has developed another strange habit, eventually I managed to stop the running across of characters by pressing the spacebar, so managed to put in my password.
    Then the problem started again when opening document it had characters running across the screen, this time forward slash character running continuously until I pressed space bar then it stopped. although keyboard is working OK now, for some reason just one key is not working.

    So current situation is everything seems to work okay except one key but every time I start the computer have characters running across the login box, so I have to press spacebar then enter computer password, and problem continues with / character running all the time.again press spacebar to stop that, intermittently it happens a few more times, then after a while everything settles down and it's working- except for the one key . Weirdest bloody thing I've ever come across!
    As I already tried disconnecting keyboard and all the other things mentioned before I would assume the problem is still software related. As there are no other restore point I suppose the only thing left to do is a full Windows restore?

    Might be a good idea anyway as it may solve another problem I've had since I bought the computer those dammed 8.1 tiles, most people hate with good reason, never worked from the day I bought it
    Any advice would be welcome
  2. bazz2004

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    If the Windows reinstall doesn't help you likely have a problem on the motherboard with the keyboard controller chip. That would mean a motherboard replacement and you might as well scrap your laptop. It's a very unusual problem so there is not much online about it.
  3. ro2124

    ro2124 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, it certainly is unusual never come across anything like that before. But if the worst comes to the worst its still usable, at the moment, still just a minor problem with just one key not working and the occasional running across the screen of characters but that can be stopped with the spacebar . Inconvenient but guess still usable and might keep it going until I buy a new laptop.
  4. jobeard

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    "additional problem keep having characters running across the screen, when in documents or other search boxes, seems to consist mostly of "77797777777977777777777" running across the screen intermittently every 10 seconds or so, it's driving me nuts."

    That's a stuck key problem, usually at the keyboard itself - - did someone spill something on it???
  5. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,585   +250

    The things that were tried seem to rule that out. A small spillage could well have messed up the motherboard though.

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