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Nov 2, 2012
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  1. So my wireless keeps disappearing from my list of networks on my PC. The weird thing is it is only my router that disappears from the list and not my neighbors' routers. The reason it weirds me out so, is the router is working fine, as I am typing this on my laptop connected to the network, also WII, and Ipad are still connected just fine. The only fix I've found is to restart the computer, but it only works sometimes, and when it does it is only temporary. Device Manager says Drivers are up to date. It has a gigabyte gn-wp01gs WLAN card.Not sure what would cause this, it has all worked fine for about 3 years, and just started doing this yesterday.
  2. jobeard

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    Is your ISP a DSL or Cable connection?
    get a copy of inSSIDer and it will show all wifi stations in range and the channel they are using - -
    set yours to an unused or least used number.

    inSSIDer also shows signal strength and supports both 2.4 & 5.0 GHZ bands
  3. tipstir

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    Routers degrade after each year. Some can go lower but it depends on what your doing with it. Heavy downloading and uploading of extremely large files over the internet, Streaming 1080p an etc. Some of the more expensive routers can handle these demands while others can't too long.

    What OS is on the PC?
    Is the PC drivers updated?
    Is the PC OS Updated with the latest Patches?
    Is the Router Firmware Updated?

    You can try to do a configuration backup on the Router.
    Then do a Factory Reset
    Then restore the Configuration from a backup for the Router
    If that doesn't work even after a firmware update then replace the router.
    You can test your WiFi Network from your PC that is WiFi support.
    I use Meraki WiFi Stumbler for many, many years now. It's free.
    Don't have to install it, just run it from your Browser, but you need Java Client Installed on that Browser.
    Then all you have to do is go to: (-""-) <-example

    This gives you a full report by signal strength of all the WAP Wireless Access Points in your area including yours.

    80 to 100% is the best
    60 to 80% is good
    50 to 60 is fair

    You would be better off if the signal was 90 to 100%.

    If your PC WiFi is acting up you can remove the driver but not delete it. Then reboot the PC so OS can restore the driver settings. Try that first. If that doesn't work then could be the PC WiFi hardware is shot! Those can be replace if you have a MiniPCI or MiniPCI-E WiFi card inside either Desktop or Laptop PC. If not they you need to disable that card in the BIOS and buy a USB WiFi adapter and use that instead to get you back up and running.
  4. jobeard

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    I used WiFi Stumbler for some time until my new Win/7 64bit would not support it so I moved on to inSSIDer :)
  5. tipstir

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    Meraki works fine for me. WiFi Stumbler I've stopped. Android tablets have WiFi Analyzer works fine and can be use to see how WiFi is working in your dwelling..

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