What are You Going to do with Your Last ($1400) Stimulus Check?


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Other than those poor unfortunate souls who were left without jobs during this pandemic, the rest of us have gotten a decent chunk of change, which amounts to "mad money".

While the rather idealistic notion behind the check (s), was to stimulate local businesses, I haven't been into a local store or mall, in the past 20 years. Ironically, I think a good part of my money will go to further stimulating Jeff Bezos' bank account, as well as other big online retailers. For instance, both Amazon & Newegg are selling the standard 4 TB Seagate Barracuda for $74.99..! I've been struggling all day with not pulling the trigger on that deal.

Other than that, I may buy some home repair materials, treat myself to a new "Lava Lamp", (Yes, I'm that old), and make sure I make sizable payments to my credit card account, over the next few, (or perhaps only a couple), of payment cycles.

So, what plans do y'all have for your booty? (Er sorry, I meant'disposable income)
It's nice to have a few bucks in the bank, and I'm not sure if I should save it for rainy day money, (I worry about inflation) or just blow it like I usually do. I've already upgraded my gaming rig and bought more games than I'll ever play. It's really not enough to invest with. Meh, sure I 'll think of something