What brand to choose from in USB WiFi adapters?


I am looking to get USB Wi-Fi adapter for my device which is MSI GE62VR Windows 10 as I heard they can improve WiFi signal from poor reach. I see a lot of choices and I am wondering what is the best way to tell which option is the best?

Some of the options I am looking at:

Thank you!


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I see you didn't get an answer and that might be because no one knows the best one to recommend. I have sold a good selection of those and I have not found one that works better than another.

What matters more is where the WIFI access point is. I assume a router? Everyone thinks that the signal comes out of the router in a sphere and in all directions but that is not true. It is actually down and away. Ideally, you want the PC below the router and not directly below. Each material the signal has to pass through will weaken it. Drywall, brick for example. If the router being accessed is catching the drywall at a bad angle that drywall can appear to be 8 feet thick!

Metal will reflect the signal 100% so consider metal roofs, metal framing, and screens in the windows. Distance plays another factor this is why lots of folks are changing their single routers to mesh routers for better coverage. If you are in an apartment building or other communal living that also is a factor since the air is crowded with signals and WIFI is designed to back off and take turns when other routers are transmitting. That can also explain a ton of dropped packets.