What Ever Happened to Adobe Flash?


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I had Flash Player on my Android 4.x-era phones, it ran fine TBH. That said, it was rather superfluous, the HTML5 support of the time in Chrome already could do everything Flash could, don't get me wrong I'm not pining for Flash or anything.

Also.. 3GB for an emulator? Damn, seems big. I suppose it's probably bundling like some video codecs etc., Flash supported several formats that AFAIK avcodec libs on Linux would still support out of the box, but you'd be taking your chances assuming Windows had them out of the box since they are obsolete formats now.


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Old flash games were a good time, however there were too many security holes with flash. Chromium based browsers with HTML5 was a good way to go. Java will be next once IE is completely gone.


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I don't, it's my primary browser. But I recognize that well, it's quickly dying out and in dire financial trouble right now so a big part of me is thinking already "Ok what's going to happen when Firefox dies off" Not if it dies off but when it dies off.
I know they work on donations but I hope they can keep on plugging along.Firefox is the only browser for me,not that I am a private freak,but I hate the others doing all of their snooping on you.It seems like Google and Apple control most of the internet and smartphone stuff anyway now so we need a viable alternative.These companies wield way too much power for them to run roughshod over everyone else,and get away with it.Who is going to do anything about it,the government?Yea,right.They have the democrats in their back pockets.


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It was great but the security issues were no joke. While it was in it's prime, EVERY customer PC I worked on was missing updates and quite a few got exploited via Flash.