What is the benefit of playing games at 1920x1080?

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Mar 19, 2013
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  1. amstech

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    Higher resolution panels do give an unfair advantage, which is why people use them, among other things. 1080p is for kids.
    This has already been discussed and on this site to the hills and proven in a million reviews/screenshots, nothing your saying means anything, I've used both/have both and there is NO comparison, period. Gaming at 1440p/1600p is like jumping from 720p to 1080p, its a MASSIVE difference thats far superior, especially in games like WoW or SC2.
    You won't see around this thread again so post away and have a good day!
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  2. GhostRyder

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    There are some games @St1ckM4n that do give you some advatanges from time to time. I play LoL as well and I run a Eyefinity setup with 3 1080p screens which give no advantage or change anything. But in a game Like Metro, BF3/4, or other shooters there are some wider viewing areas including things like flying a plane which can give me a much larger view of the surrounding areas. Its in a way like messing with the FoV but can give some people advantages albeit not to significant of one and right now those resolutions are hard to run in general since they are still in my book "New". Only a ertain amount of games give those advantages but there are enough that your starting to see a trend of gamers now doing these setups specifically for BF4 and such to get the most viewing area possible especially to the Pro Pilots of the BF series.

    But you are right, many games (If not even most) do not give an advantage at those higher resolutions except some added eye candy and hard performance for your system.
  3. St1ckM4n

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    I know some games give you extra peripheral vision, of course. But LoL, Warcraft3, Dota2 and other RTS games do not. These are also the games that were mentioned specifically, hence why I'm asking why my experience is different.
  4. mauser1891

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    BF3 42" 1080p60. I drop rounds from a lot farther range than most can attempt. (y)
    But then this old guy needs every advantage he can get. :eek:
    No squinting at a lil 15/17/22" monitor for this one. :D

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