What laptop/desktop should I get?

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Jan 2, 2012
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  1. Hello. I am in the market for a laptop or maybe even a desktop. If it is a laptop I would like a 17 inch screen but a 15 inch will work too. I would like 6-8GB of RAM, 500GB+ Hard Drive, 1GB of Radeon or NVIDIA graphics card, and a 2nd Generation i5 or i7 processor. Please help me find the best deal and a great laptop. Thanks
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    well your first thing is determining if you want a laptop or a desktop. Desktops offer MUCH more bang for the buck. a laptop with similar specs to a desktop will cost twice as much.
    Do you have a budget? a laptop with those specs will probably cost over a thousand dollars, while you could get a desktop with those specs (depending on graphics card) for about 600. (700 with cheap peripherals like monitor, keyboard, and mouse)

    If you are set on a laptop, i would look at asus stuff. They make their own chipsets and usually sell durable and reliable products. Companies such as Acer are cheaper with similar specs, but they have arguable build quaility/reliability.

    The best way to get a good deal on a desktop is to build your own. It honestly is not that hard and if you just go in step by step you should have no problem if you decide to do so.
    The best bang for buck processor is the i5-2500k, which costs at most online retailers from $200 to $220. 8GB of desktop ram costs about $40. I can make more recommandations if you want to take this route, but you should tell us really what you want more first.
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    Thank you for your responses. I would prefer a laptop. Also I would like it to have Windows 7.
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    We service a great number of laptops for field reps for a variety of organizations. If reliability, long term use, and ruggedness are important, we agree with ConfirmedGeek that there is nothing to match the Thinkipad T-series.
    If is very easy to make a long list of laptops to avoid, but more difficult to make suggestions on which ones to purchase. If you live in an area with very low humidity, take extra care as it seems those areas are not good for long life.
    Whatever you get, be sure it allows you to periodically clean the cooling system of lint and dust two or three times a year... particularly if you are not skilled with tools and devices. Keeping a laptop free of blockage of cooling air is the number one goal, methinks.
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