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What Motherboard To Get for my desktop Build?

By Right side bob ยท 11 replies
Dec 2, 2018
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  1. I'm planning to overclock a i7-8700k a lot. What Motherboard should I get that's new(hopefully less than $200)?

    Kudos: MakiuTech he made me do a build not buy a pre built
  2. TechGamer

    TechGamer TS Evangelist Posts: 481   +85

    Any Z370 chipset motherboard should do the job, ideally you already have a broad overview of what the whole system is going to look like so you can crosscheck compatibility with ram modules and power supply connections just to be sure. I'd head over to pcpartpicker or similar websites which have user review on z370 motherboards to pick which one best fits your needs.

    I've put up a link with the Z370 chipset highest rated mobo from PcPartPicker. Feel free to do your own research to meet your own preference.


    also for compatibility pcpartpicker also incorporates a compatibility feature to check if all your pc parts are compatible.
  3. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,044   +183

    Techgamer I will handle him with a part list I've been thinking about.



    Don't let your wife see the price tag or she may kill you.






    I suggest you get the first case as shown and I imagine you have big hands like mine.



    This for windows 10 or the latest linux os on the market.
    I recommend suse because it is too similiar to windows and user friendly.




    This will be for accessing your steam games or storing back up files.


    Check newegg as they are better at hdd and ssd prices towards the end of xmas.
    Currently with those parts alone it will be around 839.00+ dollars before amazon hits you with shipping and taxes.


    85.00 dollars

    Now before you cry and get upset with me, I highly suggest you don't go the rtx route.

    If you want to pay more than 800.00 for one of those cards ignore my advice and buy it.
    If you don't want to pay that much for a graphics card, look here and yes it will handle all of todays games.


    If you are worried about building it, its not that to put together.
    Matter of fact ask a family member or friend of family who is tech savvy to help you.
    Youtube is your friend for do it yourself or direct trouble shooting with hands on.
    Assembling it and breaking it down, or finding out why the damn machine won't start up right away.
    So yeah you were right when you said the machine would be 1500.00.
    In all honesty I would build it for under 700 bucks and get away with murder if need be.
    This computer I am using has a kaby lake core i5 7400.
    That almost broke me past 450.00 last year when I rebuilt a new intel rig.

    If you need anymore help reply back in here.
    Some other people will come in here to help if I don't come back for awhile.
    TechGamer likes this.
  4. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,044   +183

    Ok so with that said, you pretty much know what to look for. :/
    You could do a much better job than that asus monitor, but I won't argue with you about it.
    Go look into stores such as bestbuy and what not, after christmas and see what deals you can snag up.
    You can take that evga psu I mentioned, it'll have the connectors needed to get your new vga card going.

    I have one right now I got it late last year, pair it up with that nic card.
    If you don't understand much we have people named jo here and joec at techforums.
    Speak with them if you don't know much about networking.

    Take that corsair case for 129.99 you will care soon when you need to put in and take stuff out.
    Since you want a bigger capacity drive, then follow my advice.
    Take that ssd drive from western digital at 500gb, use it for windows 10.


    Use this for steam, split the partition into (2tb sizes) use the other logical partition for back up files only.
    Windows will love you for it on the long haul, I know what I am doing because I have done this multiple times.


    MSI boards mostly like kingston ram, however check the mobo specs page and see which ram works best.


    So with that finally said, add up everything again, make your purchases.

    Best of luck.
  5. Right side bob

    Right side bob Topic Starter

    I'm going to use the 2tb because I don't use much space and because the second tb was for backing up my important files. I'm guessing the ssd is for downloading a booting windows 10 up? I'm trying to find if the power supply works with the selected mobo. PC part picker says yes but msi website doesn't. Idk if I messed up or not, I'm gonna recheck tomorrow. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WCyQYT Anyways thank you Maiku. I'm probably gonna wait because 2000-800=1200 so yeah gonna be a while till I can purchase what I want. Video card wise I'm waiting for prices to drop a bit more. If you have any suggestions on a better system then recommend.
  6. Right side bob

    Right side bob Topic Starter

  7. Right side bob

    Right side bob Topic Starter

    I'm looking around be quite's website because I want a quite desktop, anyways I fell like I'm over paying for a lot of parts, gpu, memory, ram etc. Basically I'm stressing out because I can't find anyone who knows how to build a desktop and they all advised me to buy pre built. I would like to go with amd but I want to overclock my cpu and keep g sync for my monitor.
  8. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,044   +183

    That prebuilt you showed me costed more than the parts we slapped together.
    Then again components do cost an arm and a leg at times.
    The best thing you can do right now, is learn to shop computer stores and snag a good deal when it pops up.
    Right now in the christmas holidays you won't really get a good price tag anything.
    That includes gpu cards, cpus, ram and mobo, I don't know if you checked my past posts.

    Normally I will tell people to pick up an item at certain times during the year.
    Just like right now its not a great month to want that rtx900 (j/k0.
    I'll settle for onboard gpu for a month, earn the money during that month.
    Then get my new gpu card under 500 bucks. if you can catch on to that idea.
    You'll save alot of money and possibly get away with murder if the item just got released.

    Good luck with your computer build and happy holidays.
  9. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,044   +183

    So re-explain to me why you need a 12 core chip from amd ryzen 3000 ?
    Please stare much harder at the i9 900k chip, tell me why you need to waste 500 dollars for a chip you don't need ?

    I'm not gonna lie to you but you sound like you don't know what you need or want for you're daily usage of a computer. -_-

    Six cores should be able to handle you're needs and shut you up.
    Unless of course you are pushing a cpu to do things it really shouldn't
    If you want power for desktop productivity use and gaming on the side lines too.
    Intel is strictly what you want, "cake and ice cream" if you need a cpu for college courses and what not.
    AMD is best for that "Cake" and it'll eat Intels chip at it when it goes full throttle. :/
  10. Right side bob

    Right side bob Topic Starter

    I truly don't need the power. I've just somehow justified spending a lot of money on my desktop so its future proof. I most likely will get the 5 2600 or wait.
  11. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,044   +183

    If you don't need the power learn a valuable lesson about saving money.
    Those 2 cpus you want cost too much and yes it is too much for you.
    That 8400 I linked will future proof you for the next 6 years if you will stay content with it.



    Buy those two first, it'll be under 400, your ryzen build will be under 1200 bucks even.
    I recommend that personally so you don't break the bank.
    If you don't agree ask toms hardware from now on.
  12. Right side bob

    Right side bob Topic Starter

    The motherboard doesn't support Nvidia GPUs and the monitor I plan on getting is G sync. Not to mention Nvidia is supporting freesync somewhat. For my budget build the RTX 2060 is the best value in my opinion. 350 for a powerful Nvidia card. RT I'm probably not gonna use. I might use it to just look in awe at the water even though its going to be 1080p. I'm still looking into motherboards supporting the new GPU. I'm way to new into building in order to find this stuff easily. I'm probably going to post another thread so its easier to keep track of my builds hardware. The following is just for me to reference when checking out motherboards AM4, able to handle 240hz 1080p, Nvidia GPUs supported.

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