What to put on a RAM disk?

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Jun 24, 2011
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  1. I am asking this question on behalf of someone else:

    What can I put on a RAM disk?

    Right now, I have Chrome's browser cache and noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in the speed of page loads.

    Can anything from Mathematica be put on the RAM disk?

    Also, I would like to add:

    I have my RAM disk set for 1GB but can increase it to 2GB. I have 8GBs installed and my paging file set to 50MB in the RAM disk. Many people say you don't need to a paging file on the RAM disk but that you do need one (of course there is dissent with people saying you don't). Hence, I only set it 50MBs. The system is Windows 7 x64.

    I also have the TMP and TEMP files set to the RAM disk as well.

    Any advice on what more I could add or paging file information would be much appreciated.


    I can set up a paging file on my C drive. The recommendation is 1.5 times the total ram so in my case 12gb. Should I set it up on the C drive then?

    Do you know of anything else I could put on the RAMdisk from Mathematica, Adobe, or anything else?
  2. Jskid

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    Out of curiosity, why no answers?
  3. Row1

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    pagefile on RAM, also off c:

    pagefile on RAM, also off c:

    On Win 7, it will keep the page file on the c drive, even if you add/move a page file to the ram drive.

    There are web pages abt this. Win 7 will keep using the c: page file, giving you the same limit in speed you had before.

    So, go back to where you set page files, and tell comp no page file on C:

    this will force it to use the RAM page file and that one only.

    I don't have any great suggestions beyond that.

    Smart to set web browser cache to RAM.

    Don't know why no one else chimed in.
  4. Row1

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    mathematica prob best to leave as is

    mathematica prob best to leave as is;

    it will prob use the page file a lot, automatically, and prob not much more advantage to gain.

    the log files(s) would be too bothersome to re-locate, and the development and updating of log files takes a tiny tiny amt of time relative to the matrix algebra, formation of graphics, etc.
  5. Jskid

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    thanks man, he said Chrome is running way faster

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