What video cards will support this?

By PeteDePolo
Aug 2, 2014
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  1. Joedoug22

    Joedoug22 TS Member Posts: 20

    Yes, those two items will be compatible with each other.

    DDR3 & DDR5 are VRAM types and GDDR5 is a motherboard RAM identification.

    For the future, you can go >>here<< and all your parts to see if there will be any issues with compatibility.

    But keep in mind that there can be other compatibility issues such as the graphics card being too long to fit in the case.
  2. gavinoscur

    gavinoscur TS Rookie Posts: 19

    GDDR5 - Graphics Double Data Rate v. 5 -- is specialized video memory based on DDR3 architecture.

    The card with the GDDR5 will be faster and more expensive than that will regular old DDR3 that you use on your motherboard with a different connector.

    Read more further details about DDR3, DDR5 and GDDR5, follow the given forum post:
  3. Joedoug22

    Joedoug22 TS Member Posts: 20

    I thought GDDR wasn't for mobos

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