What's the Best Brand of Ram for a DDR PC2700 PC3200 Case

By Sound Man
Oct 16, 2008
  1. Hi

    I’m in Need of ram for my Compaq Desktop Computer

    I’m only Running a 256MB Stick right now

    I Was told I Can run up to 2048MB as that’s what the board will hold

    Now I need to use Either DDR PC2700 or DDR PC3200

    But What is the Best Brand of ram to us on a Older Computer like this

    I've Heard Stories of People Running a Brand and then the Computer Crashes, The Motherboard gives up etc.

    I've been told

    Kingston is Very good for the Money

    I will be buying from Tigerdirect.ca

    Here is what they have to offer



    If you need all the Specs I can get them
  2. nickc

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    what I would suggest is to go to the Crucial site, they have a scan that will examine u're computer, and give u options on mem. and even give different brands u can purchase. Crucial makes very good ram. here is the link


    also u might have to go to Compaq to get what is compactable with that computer, but I bet crucial will tell u and give recomendations.
  3. Sound Man

    Sound Man TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    I bought a stick of Corsair Value Select 1024mb pc3200 DDR 400mhz last night

    For $38.00

    Holy Sh!t Did it ever Speed it up from the 256MB Stick

    I don't wait 5-10 mins anymore for things to load

    I was Nervous about that Brand As I heard of Bad Things but everything is Great and fast

    Can't wait to buy another 1024MB stick

    Now Just need to upgrade my 60GB HardDrive and im Done
  4. Tedster

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