Whats the best place to buy parts UK


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So I build and sell the odd PC ( 4-5 a month ) and get most of my hardware from Amazon, due to the fast delivery and it's easy to return stuff.
What are other good places to get my hardware from ?
Cheers for the suggestions


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They're all much the same, and if you can get what you like via Amazon, at prices you can afford, then there's no real reason to try elsewhere. If I can't get what I want off Amazon, I tend to use Scan, eBuyer, or if I really need to, Overclockers UK - but contributing to Bezos' pension fund is nearly always my first choice.


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After deciding on the components I want I just Google them and follow all the links to check for best price & delivery times. I buy from Amazon UK, France, and Germany. Sometimes from misc. other online retailers. Never from USA now that postage has gone to insane levels.