Audio When there isn't sound playing, the speakers buzz!

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So pretty much what is happening is my speakers will start to buzz when sound isnt playing. I have an Audigy 2 soundblaster but when I go to update my drivers on my sound stuff its Sigmatel High Definition Audio CODEC.

When I play music or anything that produces a sound on my computer, my speakers work great! But when there is a pause in sound playing, I get this buzzing sound that is at the same level of volume as the sound or music playing before it paused. Now this problem goes off and on but im tired of having to deal with it.

I updated my drivers on it and for a while it worked fine, then all of the sudden it came back again.

What would be great is if anybody would know how to fix this damn problem! Thanks in advance to helping me out!


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You seem to be using the onboard sound or have it enabled. Disable it from Device Manager or the BIOS and then try again.

Are you using the front ports on your case? Check if they are hooked up to the sound card and not to the onboard sound.

Also, what PSU do you have?
Well first off its a Intel Pentium dup core processor in a 32-bit OS. Im using Vista.

I have my audio jack in the right place (the green one) and its the one in the back. The location of wires and hardware is correct its just some sorta driver or software thing.


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Do you have a friend that knows computer hardware? If not, take it to a repair shop and let them look at it for you
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