Where is Win8 Security Key on a 660s?

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Jun 29, 2013
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  1. I bought a Dell 660s from Best Buy, and after getting it up and running, I decided that I did not like Win 8. Bought Win 7 and am currently using. With the release of Win 8.1, I think Id like to try 8 again. I think I can download from the net, but I do not know where or how to obtain the security key for my original Win 8. Posted on the Dell message board, but there seems to be very little traffic anymore.
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    The Win8 key should be on the Dell computer you bought.

    The old Windows 7 sticker placed on OEM PCs like Dells looks like this:


    It contains the key associated with it.

    The new Windows 8 sticker looks like this:
    As you can see, it does not have the key on it anymore.

    I am not really sure what to do here, but that is a synopsis on why that is the case.
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    Once u format it from inside it doesnt ask for the key go to settings type restore and then reset

    also look in battery tray area to see if a key might be in there

    The BIOS will have a SLIC table that is used for OEM-SLP activation. The big OEM's like Dell etc, add the custom SLIC table to their BIOS. The OEM installed OS looks for the SLIC table and if its found and matches a corresponding certificate file Activation is automatic. If it can't find the correct SLIC table activation fails. OEM-SLP does not activate online. If you create recovery media the OEM-SLP activation will be preserved for the PC its created on. You can't READ the OEM-SLP Product Code from the BIOS. Not without a utility anyway. You can use a utility like the Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder to retrieve it from the installed OS. Its not of any use though because OEM-SLP keys will not activate online. Every DELL model XYZ will have the same OEM-SLP product code and that code is blocked from online activation. That's why those PC's also have a COA sticker on them. If you have to you can install with a regular OEM DVD and use the Product code on the COA sticker. windows 7 uses OA 2.1. Windows 8 uses a new OA 3.0. With OA 3.0 each PC has a unique SLP product code that is embedded in its BIOS. One of the tricks used to pirate Windows was to add a SLIC table to a PC's BIOS so you could fake OEM-SLP activation. OA 3.0 is designed to prevent this and make it harder to pirate Windows. I'm sure there is more to it than that but the rest of it is a bit over my head. I would think there should still be a COA sticker on a Windows 8 machine though. How are you supposed to install the OS without the recovery disks? With OA 3.0 I would think the recovery media would only work on the PC it was created on. It would be unique to that PC not just to that make and model like it is now.
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    Hi Jsmileb,

    Factory-installed Windows 8 computers differ from previous versions of Windows. Previously, the Product Key for Windows was attached as a label on the computer so that, in the event that the computer required re-installation, the key could be referenced for activation.
    For Windows 8, the Product Key is "injected" onto the computer motherboard at the factory, and the installation and activation processes refer to the BIOS of the computer to verify authenticity and activate Windows. No Windows Product Key is otherwise provided or needed by the customer.

    It is generally recommended before you begin downgrading your computer to Windows 7 Professional, that you create your recovery media for Windows 8 Pro in the event that you want to return to the factory-installed operating system. Were you able to create the recovery media?

    If not, try to take the system into the Troubleshooting mode. Two Boot Failures will trigger the machine to automatically go into Troubleshooting mode.
    Press Right shift + F8 after you start the machine to get into Troubleshooting mode and recovery option. Here, you can try to recover the imaged partition, if available. Check the link below for steps.


    The link below has steps to do the factory image restore for Windows 8. While restoring your PC all your data and and settings will be lost. Please perform data backup before starting restore, if necessary.


    Additionally, the following link has useful information on Windows 8 Support.


    Please try the steps mentioned in the links and let me know if the recovery partition is not available so that I may assist you further.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita G

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    Lol. I guess this is the Dell support forum now xD.
  6. cliffordcooley

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    I don't see anything wrong with anyone supporting their own products. As long as they are not spamming, I will welcome any advice. :)
  7. fimbles

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  8. Jad Chaar

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    Yeah I know, I was just joking xD.
  9. Dell_BabitaG

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    Hi Jsmileb,

    We hope your query regarding Windows 8 security key has been answered. Let us know if you need continued assistance with this issue.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita G
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