Which 1440P 144hz monitor to buy?


TS Rookie

I'm currently building a new pc with a Ryzen 5 3600 + 5700 XT and I'm looking at the monitors.I'd like to buy a new monitor 1440P 144hz to go with a P2219H in a dual monitor setup. I used to play on a laptop before, which means that it's not easy for me to choose size (27" or 32") and technology. My budget is around 300€, which can be increased a little bit if worth it.

Here are the monitors I've selected so far :
- S2719DGF at 299€
- C27HG70 at 354€ (also exists in 32")
- Aorus CV27Q at 467€ + 40€ steam + AORUS K9 keyboard (since I need a keyboard, assuming we set this one at 40€, it would make a final price of 367€)
- CQ32G1 at 333€
- 32gk650f-b : second hand, bought in September 2019, under warranty. 325€

What would you say regarding those monitors ? Would you suggest others ?

Thanks a lot for your help :).