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Apr 10, 2010
  1. Hi everyone. I have an SRX-87 Sony Vaio laptop, that is approx.......6+ years old? Anyway, the monitor cracked and would have to be replaced. Unfortunately, that STILL costs about $150 just for the screen. So I was told about a hard drive enclosure. I just don't know what type of connection it has as well as which enclosure would do the job. Anyone have any knowledge on either the vaio or enclosures.
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    It would be easiest to take it out and look at it. The label on the hard drive should say what kind it is. Another way would be to look at the SATA and PATA (IDE) drives on a websites such as Newegg and look at examples of their hard drive pictures and see what they look like.
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    Hmm. You know, I always was looking at the enclosures, hoping that I'd find an internal pic for the connection. I never thought of trying the other way around. Also looking again at the connector, I just discovered that the connector I was searching for, is actually an adapter to pins. :sigh:

    Thanks for your help.
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    Ok, I'm searching around, and the interface is an ATA-6. And I think that the SATA is a 'Serial' ATA, right? I'm a little lost. lol
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    Never mind. I finally found it on an old site. Newegg.com surprisingly didn't have one. :shrug: $10 for the drive, and another $10 for the shipping. Thanks for your help
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