Which gaming laptops are worth the money?

By Darkol
Aug 18, 2009
  1. OK so I'm trying to pick out a gaming laptop and I know very little about computers as I am just starting to get into playing online games. I'm going to be playing either Aion, WoW, or a FPS like CoD. My price range is $800 to $1100. I don't care about playing everything on the best settings I just don't want the computer to be really slow in populated areas or when I'm PvPing. I've read reviews on everything from gateway to asus then over to dell and basicly I have no idea whats really good and what is just ok for what you are paying for.

  2. Tedster

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    you're not going to get a gaming laptop for $1100 - you'll get an all purpose business machine for that price.

    Gaming laptops typically run in excess of $1800....

    the best ones are around $4000 plus
  3. Darkol

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    Well like I said I'm not looking to play the games on the best of the best options, but I do want to run the games without a lot of lag ect. Asus and some of the other companies do have some laptops around the price of $1000. I was wondering which of those was the best option. Example Asus has a laptop that best buy carries (Model G51VX-RX05) for $1049 and a gateway at $1089 (Model P-7805u). My main question is since the laptops in the area of $1000 have about the same specs which company should I buy from.

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