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Which monitor should I buy? Asus VS247H-P or AOC IPS i2367Fh?

By Akumauta
Mar 16, 2014
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  1. I'm looking to replace my ancient Dell E173FP monitor. After some research I've settled on these two choices due to my budget (~$170)


    I'm having a hard time deciding between these two, from what I've gathered so far, these are the pros and cons of the two monitors, I'm not too tech-savvy so I could be wrong.


    - slightly bigger (23.6 inch)
    - has a lot more reviews and slightly higher rating on amazon and suggested by many on the internet as a good low-budget monitor

    - has an overall better look than AOC
    - 2 ms response time (not a big deal to me)
    - I've heard of good and bad things about the costumer service
    - mixed reviews about color quality

    - many complaints about defective pixels and apparently Asus does not cover them
    - many complaints about flimsy/wobbly stand
    - some complaints about the monitor having various types of screen defects after some time
    - not an IPS panel
    - no integrated speakers


    - IPS panel (better image)
    - slightly cheaper at the moment

    - 5 ms response time (not a big deal to me)
    - I know it isn't bezel-less, I'm not looking for a dual monitor setup so it doesn't matter to me, however the black border does look a bit awkward
    - some people complain about the buttons being in an awkward place but that doesn't seem like a problem
    - the integrated speakers aren't that good
    - no VESA mount, but it doesn't matter because I don't want one

    - there are some complaints about the stand being wobbly or uneven but not as much as ASUS
    - some complaints about half of the screen turning pink/purple (a bit worrisome since there are a number of people who had this problem)
    - I have never heard of the AOC brand until my friend brought it up, therefore I don't know the quality of their products or their costumer service

    As for me, I'm not a hardcore gamer but I do play a lot of games. I don't know the color quality comparison of these two, but I feel like the image quality is more important than the response time. The many complaints about the Asus monitor gives me a lot of doubts whether to buy it or not despite its popularity but it seems like there have been no recent complaints perhaps because Asus got their **** together now. But on the other hand I have not heard much about the AOC monitor so I'm also unsure. Any help would be very much appreciated, an alternative would be fine too if it's in the price range.
  2. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,482   +978

    You outlined the pros and cons well :). This is my opinion: go with the AOC since it has an IPS display (better colors), small bezels (allows for a better multi-monitor experience), is IPS + LED (the ASUS is only LED) and it has 2 HDMI inputs (vs 1 on the ASUS). The average reviews may be higher for the ASUS but the AOC seems like a more attractive option overall. This is just my opinion :).

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