Which rig to use with Terratec Grabby?

By DjKraid
Nov 3, 2010
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  1. Hi!

    So I have this Terratec Grabby and I was wondering which computer to use it with?
    The Grabbys min.sys.req. are 2GHz and 512Mb (1Gb recommend)...

    Both the computers are much the same with only "one" little difference, mobo, cpu and ram.

    Both runs WinXP SP3, and the one that I will use the grabby with I'll "tweak" a bit like all visual effects away, no sounds shortly nothing extra/useless...

    Both computers has the same crappy graphics card, Matrox Millennium G550 32Mb, AGP...I might be able to get a other one depending if more RAM is needed

    Comp. 1:
    - AMD Duron @ 1.8GHz (Socket A)
    - 768Mb DDR RAM (3x256) with the option of getting more 1-1.5Gb if needed and if it makes a big difference?
    - mobo: Gigabyte GA-7DXE
    this is the rig I'm talking about in my previous thread

    Comp. 2:
    - AMD Sempron 2600+ @ 1.6GHz (can't OC, BIOS won't allow it)
    - 1Gb DDR RAM (2x512Mb)
    - MSI K8MM-V

    So which would be better? / what to do? /what is needed?

    P.S. I'll be recording in B/W and with no sound.

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