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Which router to purchase g or n

By gamesaddict ยท 5 replies
Jul 10, 2008
  1. Hi all , first question ive asked, so hope its in the right place :blush:

    its this range thing on the routers, ive been told so many different things by different companies i have lost track,

    all i know is, when i was with virgin, on 2mbs, but only recieving 1.5mbs through the line, with an "n" range router, i could use my laptop in the garden and my teen lads had no probs on the ps3, ( i know i use the ps3 but i wouldnt know if i had lag or not cos i miss most of the shots anyway :eek: )

    now i have moved to sky with 8mbs, but only recieving 5.9mbs through the line, but with the standard sagem "g" range modem/router, i cant go in the garden on my laptop and my teen lads have lag on most of the games they play on the ps3

    i moved from virgin because the connection kept getting interupted and we had to restart the modem loads of times during use, and i did keep phoning up and complaining and kept getting told to restart everything, (like i hadnt done that already) and because it worked fine after restarting was told there was no problem they could fix, couldnt get them to understand it was the restarting i was sick of, finally got sick of phone bills being high because of calling them and moved to sky.

    when i phoned sky, i told them the 8mbs should be fine because i had no problems with the 2mbs with virgin on the ps3, (the main thing used on the internet)
    did stress to them that it was the ps3 that i wanted on the internet for keeping the lads happy, they told me that was fine enough and i went through with the order

    now the lads have lag on their games and i cant go and have a fag break in the garden with my laptop, have phoned sky and had my line tested 3 times , they say no problems , went out and bought an "n" range router but couldnt get it on my line because my password and username are invalid for my sky account ( did spend 6 hours on the phone to help lines to belkin and netgear with the routers i got ) was told that my password and username are different and are in the standard sky router but are hexed and need the code to get them, sky wont help me there

    talked to pc world told me everything should be fine on a "g+" and it is my fault nothing will work and i am putting it all in wrong, im not stupid i know im not and hubby is quite good with all these things, never had a problem getting on internet and had a computer for 10 years

    phoned aol thinking of moving again lol , and was told there is no difference between "g" and "n"s they are all the same, so now im confused

    dont know what is wrong with everything and dont know if im going stupid, if there is no difference in the range why do they make them so there is ,

    would like someone to let me know if there is a difference between these "g" and "n" s and why my internet now lags and doesnt have the range when its supposed to have more mbs coming in

    i just want everything to run smoothly am i asking to much lol
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    G is standardize where N is not standard yet. N is in Draft mode. Just like you have draft some documents and haven't finished yet to be process. G can give you 54 to 125mbps but mostly you'll get about 48 to 54mbps on average. N they rate it has 300mbps but in real time you only get 240 to 270mbps. N is suppose to have greater range than current G. G or N is not going to make your internet connection faster, it's just a wireless method to speed data from one wireless device to another wireless device. Data is moved in mbps so the more you can move the data the move it will go faster.

    You had asked which router to buy if you have the money you might want to get Dlink DIR-655 A3 hardware and 1.11 firmware or better, which is more heavy duty and has both G and N wireless features or it can be use as wired router only. Your choice. Dlink has gaming router they're designed to make the online gaming experience faster and reduce lag (time). DGL-4500 is dual band is has 2.4GHz for G and 2.4GHz/5.0GHz for N. Now you can only operate in either 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz band can do both at the same time. That's where everyone gets confused. Dlink has DIR-855 it really hasn't seen prime time yet it has been release then pulled back do to internal problems. Last I've heard it has been delayed to unknown date, so it won't be July 2008. That router is suppose to be able to do 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz at the same time and to be use at the same time. Might sound good on paper but not happening yet!

    So you have to decided get gaming router DGL-4500 or a home/office/small business router? DIR-655. If you want to save money you can purchased for a few bucks less it the Trendnet 633-GR just like DIR-655 but it's made for gaming. Also has WDS feature which would make it a 100% wireless access point without the need of using Ethernet cabling running from one wireless router to the another but being used as wireless access point. So in other words if you had two 633-GR you could use one as a WDS to extend the range and make wired devices wireless. The DIR-655 doesn't have that option. You have to buy a WDS device DAP1522 instead. DIR-655 could be use as wireless access point but then you need to run a wired connection to .

    Now remember the speed of the internet depends on the speed you're paying for from your ISP.
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,491   +1,430

  4. gamesaddict

    gamesaddict TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just thought i would say Thank you very much for the replies,

    will get hubby to read through them when he gets in from work, cos i got a bit lost on them,

    think i understood that there is a difference between the G and Ns, i knew it didnt make anything run faster just passes more info between machines, which is what i think i do need

    think i also understand that if i get a Dlink router i need a Dlink modem to help stop any compatability problems,

    thanks again for the info, much appreciated will do a bit more looking now, cos none of the shops ive been in have ever mentioned gamer routers and i have always told them its for getting the cosoles running smooth not just for normal internet use, i will feel like a pro asking about them things now lol ;)
  5. octafish

    octafish TS Rookie

    Personally, I would go for the new draft n version 2 machines (e.g. D-Link's DIR-665 or the upcoming Buffalo Nfiniti, which is due in August).

    Why? Much better throughput and coverage.

  6. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    No you can use any DSL modem Cable modem (WebStar is 43Mbps for WAN connection for Cable) Motorola Cable Modem is around 30Mbps WAN ) WebStar you usually get that from your cable company and they're faster than the Motorola sold in the retail store or online. The wireless draft-n routers. DIR-655 has been out for awhile so now the current hardware is called A3. I had waited a few model versions until A3.

    The router I had suggested is the same router I use. Make sure you look on the box if you buy it at a store, their is white sticker that tells you:

    Hardware Version: A3
    Firmware Version: v1.11

    Make sure you see that on the box, or better. A1 and A2 are older the A3 has the latest new features. Higher than A3 is also good to. Just depends what you get. If you buy it online just ask for what version you're getting.
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