Why is FedEx so bad lately


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Lately I have noticed that FedEx always seems to be awful and never delivers anything on time. I recently sent in a monitor to get fixed under warranty, and the shipping Asus included was via FedEx. I went to drop it off at my local FedEx and there was a sign on the door that said it was closed due to an "emergency." I imagine that emergency was no staff, so I went to another location that was just some on site Walgreens thing. When I sent it off, for 5 days I got no updates and it just said it got sent off from a center near me. Then the day it was supposed to arrive, they said the delivery date was pending for another 2 days. Finally today it got scanned in a center near the destination, and is supposed to arrive today. 8 days after I sent it and 3 days late, assuming it does actually arrive today (I don't really have high hopes.) This is not only me, like everyone I know has had issues with FedEx, and I am especially paranoid because the monitor I sent is pretty high value. A ton of people have been talking about how bad it is, and I just want to know why they have been so bad. They have always been on par with UPS and better than USPS, until whatever happened and now you can barely get them to do their job. Where did they go wrong?