Why You Should Sign In With Google, Facebook, or Apple


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Are you still creating user accounts everywhere? Maybe you should stop and sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account instead. It might just be more secure—and it’s definitely more secure if you’re not currently using a password manager.
[SIZE=5]One Strong Password With No Password Reuse[/SIZE]
If you’re creating user accounts for each service you use, there’s a good chance you’re reusing passwords or using simpler passwords that are easy to remember. Then, when a website is breached and leaks your password, an attacker could use those email and password combinations to get access to your accounts. DoorDash losing 5 million logins was just the most recent example, but such breaches happen frequently. FULL ARTICLE


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Surfing the net while logged into your google account is like saying "Please Track Everything I do online" -- you're generating 3rd party cookies everywhere you go.

If you dislike tracking cookies, then be sure to signout of google.
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