Wi-Fi version of HP TouchPad arrives on July 1, 2011


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HP today finally announced that preorders for the Wi-Fi version of the HP TouchPad in North America and Europe will begin June 19, 2011, and that the US release date…

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I'm really curious how the TouchPad with true multitasking stacks against the upcoming Win7 tablets with Z-series APU from AMD in a real world scenario.We'll see soon, I hope.


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Am I the only one that thinks 16 and 32gb is horrible? Isn't that the same old tech they used in 2007 when the first ipod touch came out? I know we've got the technology to do better than that... Hell, we've got 128GB SDXC cards now right?


"compatibility with Amazon's Kindle ebook store"

Can this be used to read Kindle ebooks or just to buy books ?


Actually I'm wondering how soon we abandon the tablet and move on to the next must have toy, anyone remember the netbook or the PDA.
Both were really cool for a few years but then you realize they just didn't do what you "NEEDED" them to do.