Wide spaced keyboard?

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Mar 21, 2011
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  1. Does anybody know if they make a keyboard wit the keys spaced farther apart?
    I'm a 2 finger.typist. When I get to typing too fast,I start hitting 2 keys at once.So words like dollar come out dolklar CB
  2. Moirraine

    Moirraine TS Rookie

    Spacing indeed is an issue

    The rest of the issues:

    • Number pad on the wrong side of the keyboard
    • No way to lock it down, slides all over the place
    • Mechanical keys made with great switches but bad plastic caps that chip even with light use over time
    • Not one keyboard manufacturer is listening to any of us
  3. JeromeFree

    JeromeFree TS Enthusiast Posts: 38   +7

    I don't think he cares since he asked this question 5 years ago.
  4. Moirraine

    Moirraine TS Rookie

    I didn't write it for him, I wrote it to continue the need for a better keyboard that manufacturers are getting completely wrong.
  5. You think you have a problem I have hands as big as shovels if you have a normal keyboard in front of you try touching th enter key with your little finger and at the same time with the thumb on the same hand hit the Tab key. and I have photographic proof


    that was some time ago on an old M$ keyboard, my "Span" I.e. tip to tip is 11.25 inches
  6. Moirraine

    Moirraine TS Rookie

    I am glad you responded. I think keyboards are causing a massive amount of issues like ours, different but the same - keyboards are made incorrectly - period.

    I game to keep my hands and mind going - it's physical therapy for me in many ways, but many times in my game I am fighting a real person and my left hand will hit ALT-F4 and there goes my game - not intentional but it seems so to the people I am fighting.

    If the keys were farther apart, the alt and control keys were moved out of the way so that people could get used to a different placement, if they had keys that didn't break in mechanical keyboards from hands that don't hit "hard", keyboards would do less damage to hands and less stress from inadequate keyboards.

    As our monitors are moving on, getting sharper, video cards able to handle very fine detail, growing up so to speak, the lowly keyboard, which was supposed to be replaced by voice command by now, is stuck in the dark ages.

    Right now I am using a $9.99 keyboard until I can find a left-num-pad mechanical keyboard that doesn't tear my hands to pieces and doesn't fall apart after three months of use.

    There are many "split" keyboards and MAN are they expensiv,e, but none of them address the key SPACING that ALL of us including women like me who have medium sized hands for a woman are being harmed by, and harm doesn't stop, it just gets worse over time unless you just stop using your hands...

    Until the key spacing is addressed nothing else will matter, not even having everything else will matter.
  7. I will be honest I have and use a Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 Wired USB Keyboard works for me but I do have it on a sloping surface one of these Posturite Ergonomic Writing Slope and document holder don't know if they are available outside the UK
  8. Moirraine

    Moirraine TS Rookie

    Spacing on the keys is the same for MS as with all keyboards - it's all wrong.

    Wrong side for the number pad

    Wrong distance between keys

    Wrong size keys

    Wrong angle of the keys even on the "ergonomic" MS keyboards that have no other feature other than a slight curve to the keyboard

    Glad you are happy with your setup, but most of the rest who use a computer everyday need a better keyboard soon.

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