Will this CPU fit in this mobo

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Nov 18, 2010
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  1. Hello ladys and gents

    could you help me out with this question please

    will my cpu chip "intel pentium4 630 sl7z9 3.00GHZ/2m/800/04a"
    fit and work with this MOBO

    ZOTAC NF610I-E-E LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard


    thank you very much
  2. captaincranky

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    I checked Zotac's website for a compatibility chart. They show nothing older than C2D era Celeron, and dual core Intel. There's no mention of legacy CPU support such as your P-4.

    Here's that page; http://downloads.zotac.com/mediadrivers/mb/cpu/ae2v.txt

    Zotac's support doesn't look all that good, personally I wouldn't get involved with that particular board. All Gigabyte Intel chipset boards usually give P-4 (socket LGA775) as compatible. There are some near the price range you mention, if that's a consideration.
  3. Bossman

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  4. captaincranky

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    Intel says NO. Here's the CPU support page for that board; http://processormatch.intel.com/Com...com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?BoardName=DQ43AP

    Gigabyte G-41 boards support all legacy P-4 and Celeron CPUs,(including yours).

    The only current Gigabyte G-41 boards that Newegg stocks, have D-Sub, (VGA analog video) output only. Here's 1 of 3 of their current stocking G-41s: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128388

    I have the Gigabyte G41-ES2H, which has DVI-D and HDMI out. if you can find one, that might be a great board for you.

    I'm sort of an Ebay-o-phobe, so let us know if you find one a another reputable place.

    The LGA775 platform is well on it's way out, hence the sparse stock of these boards. You might also look into the Asus brand.
  5. Bossman

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  6. captaincranky

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  7. Bossman

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    Sorry about that ok here is the story

    upgraded my son pc with new CPU chip and wanted to upgrade my wifes very old dell
    here is a link to the specs.


    as i was pulling the cpu out of the old dell i realized the the old cpu was very old it still had prongs instead of pads.

    So deside to upgrade the mobo to fit to my sons old cpu which is the
    intel pentium4 630 sl7z9 3.00GHZ/2m/800/04a.

    my wife will be using the PC to play facebook games and surfs facebook and the net, upload pictures and thats about it chating pretty simple use of the PC so i dont need much to make her go

    so if you have a mobo that will work at a cost of around 49 bucks that would be cool

    I want to try and use all the componits from the dell like the HD,CD-RW ,DVD-RW etc etc
  8. captaincranky

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    OK, I think your interests would best be served with the Gigabyte G41M-ES2H you have linked from Axion. You simply can't find boards to match these old machines, and buying used is risky at best.

    Keep in mind that any recent board you get will only have one IDE buss, which will only handle 2 devices. That means the HDD, and one other. Ant other drives would need to be SATA. The Dell memory will not work in this board. (It's DDR or prior).

    The Dell is truly ancient history, if it has an Intel CPU with pins, (socket 423 or prior), it's about 10 years old.

    I was unable to access the Dell page, as I do not have your service tag number.
  9. Bossman

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    servise tag# bm6L831
  10. Bossman

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  11. captaincranky

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    I really only want to flog this topic so much.

    I gave you my recommendation about the board. I have one, and the digital video is important to me. Perhaps it isn't to you, who knows.

    As to if, or whether I'm willing to continue shopping for a board that costs exactly 49 dollars, I'm not.

    At the end of the day, I believe that all the Gigabyte Intel G-41 chipsets are compatible with your CPU. At least they claim they are. If you would rather replace the board with a exact duplicate of the P-4's original home, which is an Nvidia chipset based board, that is a reasonable course of action also. Here again, I'm an Intel chipset in a Gigabyte motherboard person, and that would always be my personal preference.

    The Nvidia chipset board is "deactivated" at Newegg, and that's where I buy all my parts, save for a Microcenter in my area. Personally, I'd rather not shop on Ebay. That's just an idiosyncrasy on my part. If you've had satisfactory dealings there, by all means, go for it..

    With all that said, the shipping charge on the board at Ebay is ten bucks. That bring its price to 60 dollars anyhoo. The other board at Axion carries a shipping charge of $7.40, (UPS ground), and costs $53.95, so they're within pennies of each other in price.

    No matter what you do, the memory from the Dell is not going to fit either one of the boards we're discussing, so that's potentially another expense to be reckoned with.

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