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By Boycestars
Aug 18, 2015
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  1. Hey guys back in around 2007 I built a sweet gaming rig anyway I have t used it for years now and I'm wanting to use it again I need a new hard drive I was thinking of getting the Samsung 850 pro and I was wandering if it will all run ok with the setup I got the motherboard is the asus rampage 2 extreme will the ssd work with this and do I need any new cables if so?

    I don't really want go spending loads more I have the i7 965 extreme cpu and 2 Xfx 285 xxx editions I'm sure that's still good enough to game on or am I wrong?
  2. B00kWyrm

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    That board looks like it came out late 2008.
    And, it looks like it was disigned for Vista.
    Even with Vista though (no trim support),
    every thing I see says you should be able to use it.
    Your SATA ports are a bottleneck, but even with the SATA II, (vs SATA III, 6gbs)
    you should get a speed boost.
    And the Samsung magician software will deal with the vista issue.
    handle the "TRIM" operations native to Win7+.
    In short... you should be fine getting it to work.
    (Apricorn's software makes cloning your old c: drive a snap)
    And you will see improved performance, especially at startup.
    I have seen some who recommend running games from HDD, rather than SSD.
    FYI... my experience with installing SSDs is in more recent machines.
    With SATA III and with Win7/Win8.
    I have used the Samsung 840.(and crucial, etc)
    I have an 850 to install in another machine, just haven't got to it yet.
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  3. GeforcerFX

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    It will work, but will be speed limited due to sata II, as mentioned vista isn't designed with ssds in mind but 3rd party software will fill in the features gap. The cpu will still be more then enough for modern games. By 285 do you mean GTX 285s? If so then yes they still game fine I still run one as my main card atm, the driver support has stopped though.

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