WiMAX live in San Francisco, AT&T expands Wi-Fi initiative

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Dec 29, 2010
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  1. Sprint and Clearwire have just flipped the on switch to their 4G network in four California cities: San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto and San Jose.

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  2. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    If only AT&T would do something about their actual phone service.
  3. KG363

    KG363 TS Guru Posts: 515   +9

    I don't see why everyone complains about AT&T

    I have amazing coverage on my iphone
  4. example1013

    example1013 TS Enthusiast Posts: 265

    Depends on where you are. Some areas have absolute garbage coverage. For many people, worse than they should be, given how much AT&T costs.

    Because let's face it, while they charge as much as Verizon, their coverage isn't the same.
  5. The news about Clear is so wonderful - which is what we thought when it first arrived in the Pacific Northwest two years ago but now it is seen as the worst company in our Tech history, right next to Microsoft for different reasons. You should spend more time researching what happened to their customer base, especially those that use the service for Internet access. High speed wireless was created solely for retrieving content from the Internet, whether that be software, music or video but when the ISP restricts what a paided user can retrieve from the Internet by targeting sites that the user accesses - High speed wireless loses it reason for being.

    All other aspects of the Internet can be viewed and utilized using Dial-Up. My account specifies that my Download speed at all times should be 1.5 MB but in reality since I was targeted by Clear with their algorithm on September 29th 2010 my download speed is less than 40kb and I always have five lights on my Motorola Modem - at this point Clear is guilty of false advertising, fraud, and theft, since they are still accessing my bank account 29.95 per month for life.

    So how do you get out of the contract? We learned the hard way that you should never contact customer service - which at Clear really doesn't exist other than to confuse their customers. When you do business with an ISP never use a credit card - NEVER!

    Instead it is always best to use a bank Debit card. With a bank debit card you can call the bank and report the card lost and in 7 to 10 days they will issue a new card with a different account number and it is that number that is billed not the bank account and when that account number no longer exists - oh well - here let me turn up the volume, Clear.

    Now most users of Clear don't understand how the system works, or the real reason why they are using the throttling algorithm, Clear and its parent Sprint over-sold their capabilities. There was no problem with their service until they decided to move into the Smart Phone market. Clear can not provide the advertised speeds for smart phones unless they reduce network consumption on the Internet - they can not provide both.
  6. Sarcasm

    Sarcasm TS Guru Posts: 367   +46

    It's not just about coverage, I have always noticed lower volume and not as clear phone calls with AT&T.

    As much as I think sprint can be Expensive and the coverage isn't always solid, the clearer voice calls is what does it for me. That and 4G is as fast as advertised when it works. Phew.

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