Win 11, TPM, and Business Reasons


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Microsoft's stated reasons for the TPM "requirement" for Win 11 revolve around security. (despite almost all of those security protections already being optionally available in Win 10.)

Outside speculation tends towards it being about generating new hardware sales.

But I remember seeing one post, I think here, that I now can't find, that stated offhand that there was a third party contractual requirement involved. I interpreted that as likely improved DRM in exchange for content/codecs from the film, TV, and music industries; but I don't think the poster actually specified.

I'm curious if anyone here knows anything more about this?


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Digital Rights Management. DRM. We sometimes learn our lesson when we
download what we should not be allowed to download from an author. Blue prints are usually with a nasty trojan, or virus.

The computer market has always had this feature where they out dated.
Windows XP is outdated, and almost not usable.

I am using a dual 2 Intel Processor, on an old H.P. and I am surprised how
good this old processor is. I had a Pentium D. that had 2 cores but lacked the pre-fetch ability to install Windows 10 on my Windows 7. It gets frustration not to be able to fully function, but even with this old H.P. which was advanced back then when I had only an eMachine & Windows XP.

Get your newer computer of your choice that will accept Windows 11.