Win MX problems

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May 14, 2005
  1. dont_spam_me

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    For all the info you want look at my post right above yours, titled "WinMX is shut down, at least (hopefully) temporarly" & click on the links. They will send you to the articles explaining all of the info we have right now concerning WinMX being shut down. As of now, that is ALL we know!
  2. DAVEO

    DAVEO TS Rookie Posts: 33

    thanks, will keep fingers crossed that wait wont be to long.
  3. Darsian

    Darsian TS Rookie

    Thanks all, I've been wondering why my WinMx wouldn't connect these past couple of days. I was on the verge of throwing this computer through the window :mad: Let's hope this is only a temporary problem or failing this, we find a suitable replacement soon ;)
  4. toffeapple

    toffeapple TS Rookie Posts: 152

    I recently switched to Limewire no looking back it is much much better
  5. DAVEO

    DAVEO TS Rookie Posts: 33

    WinMX vs. LimeWire

    LimeWire vs. WinMX
    I've just installed LimeWire after using WinMX for years ( :mad: only installed it because of WinMX closure)

    LimeWire seems alot more resource hungry than WinMX when its running.

    :blackeye: Have to admit it does have some interesting features that WinMx doesn't have - eg: music genre search (NICE)

    Is it me or does LimeWire have a lot of remote access?
    [Remote Access makes me a little nervous] :eek:
  6. Taraquin

    Taraquin TS Rookie

    been haves the same problems with winmx

    I have used winmx for years with little or not problems, but as of late there have been big problems. Biges oneriht now i cant get conected i have tryed everything. I even unistaled and reinstaled , i unistaled adn went back to an older version as i had the newest when the major problems started. But no luck can get on. While looking for a forum like this one and othere version of winmx (thinking i might need a patch or another update) I found this website
    Seems that :hotbounce microsoft :knock: is offering WinmxHQ (high quality) but yo have to pay for it and its the same thing. at least it seems to be. So I'm thinking that microsoft bought the program and not we can us it untill we reagister and pay them ??? anyone else hear about this or know more on this let me know .
  7. TerryChlds

    TerryChlds TS Rookie

    same problem with winmx

    Everything was fine yesterday until I restarted compand tried to load WinMx again and it wouldn't connect. I thought it had something to do with installing and unistalling filetopia but now I know different. Hope WinMx comes back soo. Does anyone know if partial WinMx downloads can be found on other sites like Filetopia?
  8. DAVEO

    DAVEO TS Rookie Posts: 33

    WinMX - finishing incomplete downloads using other P2P Programs

    :confused: Can anyone tell me if Incomplete WinMX files can be finished using a different P2P Program?

    Thanks :haha:
  9. Josef Minde

    Josef Minde TS Rookie

    The links from Dont_Spam_Me suggests that winMX has gone into hiding for a while from the RIAA.
    This could be true, but then what the h... is this? :suspiciou
  10. brotherdav3

    brotherdav3 TS Rookie

    winMx or other p2P valid sites

    Those of us who did use and like winmx are somewhat at a loss as to how to perhaps complete ,incomplete clips, etc.
    Any member who might know of or have additional info as to either replacement or new sites, it would serve thousands of us who regularly used winmx.
    Thanx to all who post on this subject.
    WinMx was not base in the U.S. but rather in the s. pacific so it is plausible they could re-emerge in a european or other locations.
    Lets all keep watching for this possibility.
  11. dolphin32868

    dolphin32868 TS Rookie


    I'm New Here.
    Question About Winmx, I've Been Using It Since 2001, And Now It Won't Let Me Connect At All. I've Tried All The Posibilities And Nothing. So Does This Mean I Can't Use It Anymore?



  12. brotherdav3

    brotherdav3 TS Rookie

    Sure looks that way for now , anyway. Probably should keep an open eye and ear and share anything you read,see or hear. possibly emerge soon hopefully.
  13. dolphin32868

    dolphin32868 TS Rookie

    how to still use winmx

    Hello everyone just got info in on how to still use winmx,had a friend give me these directions. I'm on again

    WinMX is down. The servers have been disconnected because of the RIAA. The WinMX Peer Network (WPN) can no longer "normally" connect you to a primary host, so you're just stuck there with a "yellow light." But there's no need to try to find another program. Here are a couple of things you can do:

    OpenNap still works. Here's a serverlist (wsx file for OpenNap)... Download it, put it in your WinMX incoming files folder, go to the Networks page in WinMX and select OpenNap, hit the Import WSX button, find the file, Open, then once the serverlist is up, highlight the listings and hit Connect. You won't connect to all servers and you really shouldn't connect to any more than about 10 to 15. That'll suit you fine. Then highlight the servers and disconnect whenever you want off or just close WinMX.

    Or you can try to "fix" your connection to the WPN. This may not last forever as OpenNap should, but it'll certainly do until something more permanent shows up. It does take a bit longer to get the "green light," but it works. I'm including a text file with instructions.

    Good luck and feel free to email again if you run into any troubles. Also feel free to pass those instructions along to any "WinMX buddies" you may have. It works for both primary and secondary connections. I'll be updating my site soon with the above, but I just don't have the time right now.

    email me and let me know how it worked for you
  14. Josef Minde

    Josef Minde TS Rookie

    WinMX back in business!!!

    It didn't take long before this problem was fixed by others. ;)
    Follow this link and follow the instructions on this page.

    Has been working fine for me now for 2 days :D
  15. Eloriel

    Eloriel TS Rookie

    Winmx is no longer working because they are the latest victims of RIAA. They shut it down. Its no longer free, you have to pay for it. They even took down the main website.
    It was only a matter of time folks - sorry!
  16. Eloriel

    Eloriel TS Rookie

    Win MX is GONE!!!

    Winmx is no longer working because they are the latest victims of RIAA. They shut it down. Its no longer free, you have to pay for it. They even took down the main website.
  17. DAVEO

    DAVEO TS Rookie Posts: 33

    WinMx UP & RUNNING again


    :) Read Josef Minde above your message - I followed the instructions and my WinMX is back online for free (yeah baby)

    Thanks Josef, excellent work, well done. :angel:
  18. rozielise

    rozielise TS Rookie

    fao josef minde

    love you! ive got winmx back!!! hehe... who would've thought just adding a host to the party would've made it work... :cool:
  19. brotherdav3

    brotherdav3 TS Rookie

    Hosts and openaps

    JMO but japs have literally trashed whatever is left of the ability to connect to winmx. They have formulated a way to Stack numbers of them into your download queues so that they are 'connected' to your files, while you have slim chance of downloading. This is not casual observation but detected practice and unless winmx reformulates to prevent this..its is doomed.
    If you notice when you attempt to download a file for example, you might be No. 4 or some low number in that queue. It will have multiple other downloaders all of MUCH higher number. They ARE connect since you will note their speed indicator is GREEN(thats the clue). So while you waid for a file you may never get, they are already taking from you even though you may not even be sharing. They are taking from the upload side. This has been going on for some time now. Don't ask me HOW this is just is.
  20. seadragon

    seadragon TS Rookie

    lets make a mega list of p2p

    LOS ANGELES/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Popular file-sharing site ceased operating and the New York office of another,, appeared to be closed, in the continuing legal fallout among underworld peer-to-peer music services, industry sources and users said on Wednesday.
    The turmoil among file-sharing networks follows the landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in June that held anyone who distributes a device used to infringe copyright is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by others.

    In the wake of the decision, the trade group Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) last week sent out "cease-and-desist" letters to seven file-sharing groups. A spokeswoman for the RIAA declined to name the targets.

    Popular file-sharing sites BearShare, eDonkey and WinMX were reportedly among the targets.

    The decentralized nature of most peer-to-peer file-sharing software makes it uncontrollable once it is released over the Internet. However, shutting off sites where users first download the software may strangle the flow of new users.

    "There's certainly a big realignment of networks going on after the RIAA letters. Everyone is going to see a fallout since the ruling is making it tough for these companies to exist," said Marc Morgenstern, vice president for Loudeye, during the Digital Hollywood conference in Santa Monica.

    An eDonkey executive with a Boston phone number was not immediately available to comment. Industry sources said the phone in the New York office had been disconnected.

    A spokesman for Frontcode Technologies, developers of the WinMX application, could not be located to comment.

    Users in both Europe and North America complained that the WinMX site ( was unavailable throughout the day on Wednesday. Free Peers Inc., backers of BearShare, did not respond to attempts to contact them via e-mail.

    The latest developments come on the heels of a pending deal in which file-sharing service Grokster Ltd. is set to be acquired by Mashboxx LLC, a new company formed with the intent of establishing a legal peer-to-peer music company, sources familiar with the matter said.

    A spokesman for Mashboxx, formed by former Grokster President Wayne Rosso and other partners, declined comment.

    Michael Page, a lawyer for Grokster, which makes software that has been widely used to illegally swap music over the Internet, also declined to comment.

    Both Grokster and Morpheus, distributed by StreamCast Network Inc., were on the losing end of the Supreme Court's ruling.


    The Rosso spokesman declined to comment on the talks with Grokster but said he expects the Mashboxx service to launch in the next few months. Mashboxx has announced a licensing deal with Sony Corp. and is talking with other major labels.

    The sources familiar with the matter said the pending deal with Mashboxx helped pave the way for settlement discussions between Grokster and the major record labels.

    Michael Weiss, Morpheus's chief executive, declined to comment on whether his company had engaged in settlement discussions.

    Last June, the Supreme Court sent the case against Grokster and Morpheus back to a lower courts for further action on whether or not the file-sharing networks encouraged its users into infringing action.

    Weiss has said he is confident Morpheus can prove it did not induce copyright violation. On Wednesday, he said he was awaiting his next date in court in mid-October.

    The current generation of file-sharing networks are all descendants of the original music-sharing phenomenon Napster, which was forced to shut down, and now operates as a legal music service.

    However, peer-to-peer technology has lived on in programs like WinMX, which represent a sort of transitional generation of media-sharing programs between the pioneering Napster and more modern programs like Gnutella and eDonkey.

    Despite the legal wrangling, free file-sharing has persisted and many in the industry believe it is about to embark on a new era in which it will finally be embraced commercially by media companies for legitimate purposes.

    "Six months from now, P2P usage will be beyond what it is today," said Weiss during a panel at the Digital Hollywood conference.
  21. seadragon

    seadragon TS Rookie

    Clear Channel

    I am curious if Clear Channel (you know the communist folks who allow you to hear what THEY want you to hear) is in this bed with the US Government and Corporate Amerika.
  22. rozielise

    rozielise TS Rookie

    i did start downloading one track, seemed to be working ok, but then i couldnt be bothered and went to back. i assumed that the reason there was more of a queue and less options is purely cz there's less people with the knowledge on how to restart it. so not as many people connected
  23. dont_spam_me

    dont_spam_me TS Rookie

    seadragon that is a old Article (relatively) & incorrect

    SEADRAGON that is a old Article (relatively) & incorrect. For example, eDonkey is not out of business and still working (as far as two days ago). It's headquarters was moved from New York to New Jersey - MORE THAN A YEAR AGO (unless you call locating in New Jersey being dead, but that's another story ...). That's just one of the many things that article got wrong.

    I've got much more info including additional stuff on being able to connect to WinMX again & things you need to do to keep out the RIAA, but don't have the time right now ... I will post again later. ONE THING THAT IS IMPORTANT THOUGH:


    JUST IN: Weblink disproving eDonkeys demise -
  24. seadragon

    seadragon TS Rookie

    thanks 'Don't spam me' and the cast of others on solutions, catch ya later

    the sea is
  25. framplot

    framplot TS Rookie

    NOT CORRECT - WinMX definitely IS working !!

    As of 4.45 am Saturday, 1st October (UK time) I have WinMX working perfectly.
    Yes, RIAA have been involved but WinMX has NOT been shut down. You do NOT have to pay for it. It remains free. However, you do have to make a few alterations to your settings.
    I am a non-techie, believe me, but I managed it in 20 seconds flat. You download a very small self installing file and follow the instructions.
    Follow this link - this guy obviously knows what he is talking about and what he says DOES work - don't believe all the postings that talk about re-installing WinMX or complaining about it being closed down. If you see such doom and gloom postings then take the time to post of copy of this posting and the link, and do all your fellow WinMX friends a big favour.
    The guy to thank for posting the fix appears to be - at least, that's what appears at the top of the "fix" page.

    Go here:

    Hope this helps.
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