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May 14, 2005


    :dead: I have been trying to connect to the WinMX peer network for over a week and have not been able to although i can connect to the opennap servers. So I presume the peer network is offline. Does anyone know of another p2p program that i can put my partial WinMX downloads in and maybe complete them. I have tried LimeWire, EMule, Bear Share and had no success so far.
  2. graham39

    graham39 TS Rookie

    Win MX

    C'mon. This is so stupid. I have tried every other music downloading thing but none of them live up to WinMX. I have followed the directions posted but nothing happened. I thought about giving up and just go and buy the CD's for about .01 seconds. We just have to stick together and ride this one out. This same problem happened about a year ago and it was fixed in two weeks. We can hope for the best now.

    CD's= puke:

    WinMX= :slurp:
  3. Josef Minde

    Josef Minde TS Rookie

    New fix out for WinMX

    Go here to get the newest hosts file setup:
    This works fine, just remember that primary connection works better than secondary! :)

  4. framplot

    framplot TS Rookie

    Follow the link to - it DOES work !! has presented a very comprehensive fix page - see - as mentioned in my previous post and the post immediately above this.

    He even makes a very clear offer for those of you that can't follow his instructions or can't get your WinMX setup working again - he says, towards the bottom of his page:

    "I have tried to simplify the procedure to make it as dummy proof as possible. If there is a problem feel free to post or view this forum thread for further details."

    As well as me fixing my WinMX setup, three of my friends have followed the same link to and they have also now got WinMX working.

    Enough said ?
  5. rozielise

    rozielise TS Rookie


    i gave up and decided to subscribe, but it takes 5minutes to connect, and tonight i cant connect at all, no matter how many times i repair or restart my puter... paying for this!
  6. graham39

    graham39 TS Rookie


    I thought I would give WinMX another try before i removed it from my hard drive. I opened it up and in the top corner it said please be patient. I waited about 3 minutes and it started to work. I HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT BABY!!!!!!!
  7. peterose313

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    Hey, I've been downloading with winmx for about a year now and ever since the end of august/beginning of september I haven't been able to connect. It will not connect to the server. It keeps saying it's connecting but that's the farthest it gets. I can't download anything because I can't connect. What do I do about this?
  8. rebeccas1372

    rebeccas1372 TS Rookie

    Vlaad is a GOD

    Ya'll rock! I am a nurse and for X-mas every year my kids make out wish lists - music and videos they want but cannot afford (and I certainly can't afford to get for all of them) I was devistated when winmx tanked. No Virginia there IS NO Santa Claus. But thanks to the mighty Vlaad and the power of the people I can now fullfill the little tykes X-mas wish list. Down with the RIAA Nazi Terrorists! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You :)
  9. Stardust

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    WinMX is back

    The WinMX community is back, the files are back, and the users are taking a stand. Get connected Today.

    It is time for the RIAA to understand that they cannot destroy filesharing by intimidation any longer. They may be able to bully Corporations, but the users are not going to sit by and let it happen.

    MXPIE is an effort by the users and for the users, with an agenda of making WinMX a p2p network not only for the users, but maintained, organized and perpetuated by the people.

    Come Join us, we believe that we can make a difference in this fight to take away our rights. We welcome all of those who are tired of going from one p2p network to another simply because the RIAA flexed its billions of dollars worth of muscles.

    MXPIE is quick, easy and free to use, it contains no spyware, adware or any other form of malware. We even provide a manual modification that allows you to see exactly what is being done that only takes minutes to do yourself.

    Another site worth note is Computer Problem Help Forum, this site has also been at the forefront of this movement, and can help you with any general computer problem that may or may not be related to WinMX.

    Check out the MXPIE Website for everything you need.

    I hope to see you on WinMX soon! Realtime help is available for WinMX 3.53 users. Go to WinMX Channels.
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