Win XP problems

By husker63
Oct 31, 2009
  1. I have a compaq presario r4000 laptop that's running XP home edition service pack 3. 55 gb hard drive (26 gb used) 1.12 gb memory.

    about a week ago these errors messages popped up:

    1) Windows wireless assistant not supported by this machine. The wireless activation is lit but nothing is happening. I can't even use an ethernet cable and hook into my wireless router to go on line.

    2) I don't get any sound out of my laptop

    3) I click on "media player" and it says that there is not enough memory to open.

    I have documents that I can xfer to a thumb drive but other than that I 've been thinking of wiping out the HD and re-installing XP os on the machine.

    Anybody have a similar problem with this?
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