Win2003 Server VPN/Kerberos/Cert Auth Issues

By zynizen
May 2, 2008
  1. Hello, I'll try to be as short as possible. I'm experiencing some technical difficulties configuring my Server 2003 VPN with Certificate Authority and RRAS.

    What happens after I create a secured connection in windows XP after setting everything up in RRAS, Certificates for Machines & Users, and Group Policy Enrollment, the XP client just sits there at "Connecting to (my ip here)"

    I used to get the Error 789 Immediately after pressing connect button, but now I've tweaked it, and changed it, I've followed the instructions exactly as described in both microsoft specs, and cbt nuggets training videos.

    I don't really know what else to troubleshoot. I've even went back and retraced my steps, re-creating multiple scenarios and trying things, it doesn't even connect internally when I type the ip of the server. So I assume it's something with the authentication/certificate settings.

    Also, I accidentally revoked a certificate for my laptop, and selected the wrong revoked reason.. how do I get that back? I am under the impression I'd just have to rename my computer name, because its just the machine cert on my laptop that is revoked. I was playing around and I did that by mistake.

    Thanks for any help! I appreciate it! Again, I've tried re-setting/configuring so many different settings in RRAS, CA, Public Key policies in GPO, User settings are in the right group in AD for remote users, I'm stuck!
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