Win32/cryptor problem

By jamiescottlomax
Mar 21, 2009
  1. Win32/cryptor and trojan problems

    Hi, I realy need to remove these virus's from laptop but the programs either won't remove it, wont run or it will crash with blue screen half way through scan, Here is a summary of problem and what i've tried so far, any advice in removing virus's would be very grateful

    My son has a laptop, Dell Vostro A860, Pentium dual core cpu T2390 @ 1.86ghz, 1.00 gb ram, Vista basic SP1 32 bit OS
    It had AVG pro installed and has been working fine since xmas.
    Yesterday AVG announced it found 2 x Win32/cryptor virus's, when i tried to remove I was told operator interupted and was unable to remove, Then AVG update said was unable to connect to server and started to put red cross's on all componants.
    I changed his browser to Firefox and disabled IE, ran AVG and nothing was found but update manager would still not work and was declaring everything was out of date.
    I read through some threads and the 8 ways to virus/spyware prem removal and tried to sort problem myself with this but some of the programs dont load or run, think I might of made it worse by removing and installing different programs, this is what happened.

    I removed all antivirus programs I could find (AVG, Avast)
    Installed Avira, I then tried to install a firewall but system would not allow it (comodo,zone alarm)
    Installed CCleaner, closed all programs and ran CCleaner, then avira and all good so far.
    Disabled real time monitoring and tried to install Malwarebytes Antimalware, it downloaded but would not run "program not responding"
    Tried to install Super Anti Spyware but same problem again but this time got blue screen, rebooted in safe mode and wiped these 2 programs.
    Started back up in normal and ran avira but got blue screen half way through scan.

    Cant work out what is wrong, maybe i've just installed and cleaned to many programs and comp don't know if it's coming or going!

    I'm now in safe mode with networking and only have avira and ccleaner instaled (i think) if anyone has any idea what to do I would be very much gratefull for your input.

    Thanks in advance

    I've now started up in normal mode and have more to add to the list, these are
    and a msn application error, failed to start.
    Thinking might be better off re-installing windows
  2. klangford

    klangford TS Rookie


    Win32/Cryptor is a rootkit that can be removed manually, but I found that SpyHunter's free scan removes it handily.
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