Win7 sees my mCard but can't access it

By Mugsy
Oct 27, 2015
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  1. I have a USB3 based card reader in my computer. In it, I have a 64GB memory card plugged into it.

    The driver is installed (no yellow-dot "!" on it in DevMgr) and it appears in "My Computer" as "MMC".

    If I display Properties, it shows it as unformatted with 0 bytes free, but if I try to format it from the popup menu, nothing happens. No 3rd party programs even show it as existing, nor does "Disk Management" in the Windows Admin Tools.

    If I go into Linux (Ubuntu 15), it detects the Card just fine. I'm able to format it in NTFS and write files to it, so I know both the card & reader are not at fault.

    It used to work in Windows once but I'm not sure when it stopped working or why.

    My MoBo maker (Gigabyte) has not released an updated driver (still at 1.0 from 2014.) I tried reinstalling it but it made no difference.

    Anyone have any idea how to fix this? If it's a driver issue, how come the DevMgr shows it as working?

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