Window Ultimate 64-bit or Window Professional 64-bit

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Jan 30, 2011
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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm choosing between a Window 7 Ultimate (64-bit) or Window 7 rofessional (64-bit), which one should i go for ? I don't really know the the functions of Bit Locker in Window Ultimate and how it can prevent theft and protection of data, how relevant & useful it is?

    P/s: Here's another question i'm looking at, hope you guys can help me out as well.
    It's under the title :Choosing between types of SSDs for Mobile Workstation

    Thank you.
  2. Codisha

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    i assume it's windows 7 you are talking about.
    i would go professional. bit locker is really the only major difference between the two and help with drive encryption and encryption of external devices.
  3. Leeky

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    Windows 7 home premium is the home user version, with media tools specifically for home users.

    Windows 7 Professional is orientated more for a business/work environment with the required tools to allow for full network integration.

    Windows 7 Ultimate includes everything the above two have, plus other additional features like BitLocker as well.

    There are other differences, but this is the easiest way of explaining it in simple terms.
  4. red1776

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  5. Honey Creampuff

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    To all
    Thanks for the input,

    @Red 1776
    Thanks for the tip. :)
  6. LNCPapa

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    If you're actually a student check with your university first - the deal we provide our students is incredible. We give Windows 7 to our students for free (part of the university's license agreement that's already paid for) while they are students - and then they pay a very small fee if they graduate and need a personal key + media.
  7. Honey Creampuff

    Honey Creampuff TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks for the info, i will check with my University, but i think most likely they wouldn't have it for my country yet, not sure. :)
  8. JasonWinTeam

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    In addition to BitLocker, Windows 7 Ultimate allows you to work in different languages, and switch between 35 of them. If these two features aren't necessary, Professional will do the trick.

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