Windows 10 Blank screen on start up and in Boot Repair

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Sep 6, 2016
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  1. Ok a friends computer today, was being really slow accessing the internet. So she pushed ctrl-alt-del and task manager took forever to come up then went into some security thing and then they restarted the computer.

    After that the computer is taking forever to boot up if at all. When it does stop spinning on the loading screen. It goes to a blank black screen with a mouse pointer. I tried the methods suggested in most forums. Log in , then windows key + p, then down arrow twice, enter etc. Doesn't seem to work. She managed to get something to pop up once with a winpishl.exe but if you close that out, it freezes everything.

    So I had an older win 10 bootable usb from when it first came out that I tried using. I got to the screen where it says install or click here for repair, whenever I click repair it then goes to a blue blank screen with a moveable mouse pointer. But I cant seem to get past that.

    Ive hooked up multiple monitors, disconnected everything except for a mouse, keyboard and monitor, I tried installing unbuntu, but it wont bring up the install for unbuntu for some reason.

    I am more or less at a loss for what to do other than click on install new windows, but I don't want to do that, and also it might present me with the same blue screen. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    You may find that you no longer have a bootable HDD. It may not be recognizable.

    Does it appear in BIOS?

    Can you boot from other media if you disconnect from the HDD?
  3. MysterioMask

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    I have disconnected the hard drive, and put another in, it seemed to let me boot to that hard drive. Once I returned the old one the same issues came up.

    Also in the bios I can see the harddrive when I select the option for what is plugged into the ports, but when I select on boot options it doesn't give me the hard drive to boot from, so you might be right and it went bad. I will plug it in as an external hd tomorrow and see if anything comes of it.
  4. MysterioMask

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    I plugged the hard drive into my computer and it says there is a System Reserved (H:) drive, that's 349 mb. There is also An I: drive that pops up but doesn't show anything or give a status. or allow me to open properties for it.

    When I open up disk management, it just sits in connecting to virtual disk service, or sits saying Loading disk configuration information and never loads. If I disconnect the drive and plug it in after loading up disk management it freezes it.

    The hard drive spins, but I cant seem to access it. Any suggestions or is it just done?
  5. MysterioMask

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    After some playing around with the drive, I got it to read finally. It says its in a RAW format all of a sudden. I tried testdisk to recover the partitian but it didn't work.
  6. Cycloid Torus

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  7. MysterioMask

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    Yeah I found that too. Ive tried the test disk but didn't work. In the meantime though we just got her another hard drive and installed the operating system on that one. We may try to recover the partitian that turned into RAW for no reason, but given that test disk didn't return any kind of good results makes me skeptical we can retrieve it. But we shall continue. But I suppose the original question I asked has been answered with the installation of a new drive.

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