Windows 10 Not Showing Wi-Fi Network Also After These Fixes

Hi, I am having an issue with the Wi-Fi connection of my windows 10 PC. My PC is not showing(at first sometimes it showed and sometimes did not) the Wi-Fi network of the router but other Wi-Fi networks such as mobile hotspots are showing up. Also, other devices can detect the Wi-Fi network of the router seamlessly. . The most interesting fact is that if I take wi-Fi from the Router and share it via Wi-Fi tethering, this also is not showing up on the PC.

Methods I followed to fix it up -
• Updated Wi-Fi driver
• Unplugged and plugged the Wi-Fi receiver.
Reinstalled windows 10
Changed the SSID of the router.
• I even tried changing the modem.

But nothing of the above worked for me. Please Guide me to fix the issue.


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If there is something wrong with the wi-fi adapter you have plugged into the PC it's cheap to replace. Ebay lists many usb mini wi-fi adapters. They will be plug and play with W10. That's what I'd try next.