Windows 11 global user share hits all-time high as Edge loses out to Safari


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In a nutshell: Web traffic analysis company StatCounter's latest reports have good and bad news for Microsoft: Windows 11 has reached an all-time-high user share, but Edge lost its spot as the world's second-most-popular browser to Safari.

StatCounter's latest report for each desktop Windows version's market share shows that the most recent Microsoft operating system keeps making slow but steady gains.

April's results show that Windows 11 now holds an all-time-high 23.01% share of this particular market, an increase of 2.06% compared to the previous month.

In January, it was reported that many organizations were in or were starting pilots for Windows 11 and planning to move new purchases over to the operating system in the next few months. This is likely pushing up Windows 11's adoption rate among enterprise customers.

But despite Windows 11 increasing its user share, Microsoft will likely be disappointed by how slowly people are moving to the OS. Windows 10's 73.46% share is the highest since March 2022, despite it not receiving any significant new features for a while. Could Microsoft's confirmation that it has ceased developing major updates for Windows 10 see its popularity wane, or will people keep hanging onto the OS, as we saw with Windows 7?

While Windows 11's share is slowly but surely increasing, Edge's share has been stuck between 10% and just over 11% for around a year. According to StatCounter's April findings, Microsoft's product lost its place as the world's second-most-popular desktop browser last month to Safari, which is now 0.87% ahead of Edge with an 11.87% share.

Microsoft will likely be disappointed to learn that Edge has been surpassed. Both the browser and search engine Bing have received a slew of features this year, including AI integration - the Redmond company said in March that the AI push had helped Bing pass 100 million users for the first time.

Stat companies have different methods of collecting data, so other reports might offer a slightly different picture. The most recent Steam survey, which users of Valve's platform can opt into, shows Windows 11 gaining users at the same pace that Windows 10 loses them.

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The title of this story is a no brainer, it's like saying:

2023 Honda Civics are more common on the road than 1983 Honda Civics. As time moves forward the old version has been used/abused/ruined and go by the wayside as the new models become more common.

Same thing with Windows 11 - eventually more and more will be using it since new systems (laptops/pre-built PCs/tablets) are selling with Windows 11 and Windows 10 and older is slowly phasing out.

What a pointless article.


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Could Microsoft's confirmation that it has ceased developing major updates for Windows 10 see its popularity wane, or will people keep hanging onto the OS, as we saw with Windows 7?

This question is rhetorical seeing how M$ made sure to let everyone still using a legacy computer know -in no uncertain terms- that they may NOT and should NOT upgrade to Windows 11 as their hardware is not supported and will never be supported.

Will people upgrade their old systems? Perhaps some will but no matter how I try to spin it, I just don't see me throwing into the landfill my perfectly well functioning 4th Gen and 6th Gen Core systems just b/c M$ wants me to.

This is not like what had happened with the Original Core Micro Architecture 45/65nm Core 2 systems and older than that systems (I.e. Pentium 4) when Sandy Bridge was released that made all aforementioned systems largely obsolete overnight.

So, I think that the adoption rate of W11 is going to be a LOT slower than that of W10 as this time far more ppl will stay with W10 past 2025 than they did back with W7.


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On my home laptop where I don't do dev work I've started just using Edge. I don't notice any difference to Chrome now - it works fine - all the extensions etc.
On my dev machine I still use Chrome however as the dev tools are still far the best way to debug JS/React etc code.


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CPUs released since 2016 have made 6th gen as obsolete as Sandy Bridge did to the original i7.