Windows 12 could be released as soon as June 2024, dropping alongside new "AI PCs"

I'm sure you would have to grant MS total access to all of your files and activity for the AI to get to know you...
Let's see if they offer again free upgrade from existing win10/11 users. if they want quick adoption then free upgrade it is.
I've got a triple-boot Win10/Ubuntu/Mint system - I think you can guess that Win10 is definitively the last MS OS I use.
Let's see if they offer again free upgrade from existing win10/11 users. if they want quick adoption then free upgrade it is.
I fully expect that they will offer a free upgrade, but not because they want quick adoption, but because they know they will glean far more information about us and the activities we perform on our machines from an OS in which we are forced to interact with, effectively, a very clever AI chatbot in order to get things done. Those interactions (I fully expect App Usage, Calendar, Emails, Search, Browser as a bare minimum) will all be ferried back to base so they can build far more detailed models of us and sell those models to anyone who comes along. Consent is either forced (you must tick this to use this) or obfuscated as much as possible. (This is exactly as Google do with all their 'free' products - the burden of constantly denying consent eventually wears you down). They tried it once before with Cortana, but everybody hated that, so they are doubling down on it in the wake of the huge improvements in AI and the (partly justified) hype surrounding it.

I was an advocate for MS until a few years ago (yes they did some dubious commercial stuff, but I still felt the OS was a far better place to be than the either too closed or too open alternatives). But since they have fully adopted the OS-as-a-service business model and started down the Google-like path whereby most revenue is gained by quietly modelling their customers, they have become really toxic.

The improvements made to AI are incredible over the past couple of years, but unfortunately 99% of Windows intended usage of AI will be of little/no benefit to users but hugely beneficial to Microsoft.
Win 10 works great for me. The only reason I would even think of switching is if they come out with a newer version of DirectX that's got a lot of new and wonderful graphics applications that you can only get with the new version of windows. But absent that, no way.
AI unlikely to improve the Windows documentation, context sensitive help, online dev/admin help. Maybe help automate testing but MS have shifted to outsourcing alpha/beta testing to end users. The MS websites are now black holes compared to prev decades (context sensitive help redirects to home page or file not found).
And let me guess, Windows 12 will "require" this "AI" hardware support, so you'll need to throw out your existing devices or watch them be deprived of security patches.

Also, that the "features" that include "AI" support will be ones that traditionally were never part of the operating system layer and don't need to be now.
I can't help wondering how many people would be so keen to grab the latest Windoze OS if they weren't so addicted to games. All Microsoft has to do is dangle the bait of "improved" graphics capabilities and thousands are scrambling to join those choosing to ignore the loss of control, privacy, and general functionality. And hey, who cares how much they have to spend to upgrade their equipment to accommodate the new OS.
Wasn't it like yesterday when Micro$oft was saying that Windows 10 will be the last Windows OS?
Also an "AI PC" sounds a bit nasty to me. Are they saying that they will sell us AI-enabled, AI-enhanced and AI-accelerated CPU's and GPUs and use them to "mine" and train their proprietary machine-learnign algorithms (phishing is a given at this point), whenever we connected to the Internet? Is that what an AI PC will be?
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