Windows 12 could be released as soon as June 2024, dropping alongside new "AI PCs"

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Forward-looking: The next major version of Windows is nearing completion and is expected to usher in a new era of AI computing. According to a recent report from Chinese financial newspaper Commercial Times, Windows 12 will hit the scene next summer – June 2024, to be more precise. The launch window seems to be gleaned from statements by Quanta chairman Lin Baili and Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen and, who were in town for the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition on November 30.

The Quanta chairman noted the increase in generative AI spending in recent years, which exceeded $1.37 billion in 2022 – roughly equal to the total of the previous five years combined. He also said that once Windows 12 arrives, he expects AI PCs to launch one after another. Demand is tough to estimate, Baili conceded, but the executive believes it will be a good opportunity for the industry.

Chen, Acer's CEO, expressed similar sentiments, and doesn't seem convinced that AI PCs will explode overnight. Rather, it'll take time for consumer behavior to adapt to what they have to offer. Eventually, AI PCs are bound to lead to new usage models which will further drive demand.

A mid-2024 launch date for Windows 12 aligns with earlier rumblings on the subject.

Back in October, Intel CFO Dave Zinsner mentioned a "Windows Refresh" expected next year. He also said the chipmaker believes the refresh will make next year a good one for its client-side business.

An earlier rumor pointed to a fall 2024 introduction for Windows 12, with a full release slated for 2025. Talk at the time suggested the OS will have a heavy focus on AI, and that it could include separate "states" that live on different parts of your storage drive. The feature will reportedly make managing and updating the OS easier for Redmond and less of a chore for end users.

A floating taskbar, which was accidentally teased during Microsoft's 2023 Ignite conference, could also make it into the new OS.

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I think this is foolish speculation. Win11 released 2 years ago.

In fairness, I went back to look at when Microsoft released their different versions of windows (as well as the patch for some that made it useful.
So it makes sense that Microsoft is deciding to release another Operating system that is worse than the current version, considering everybody in their right mights skipped Win 8, Vista, and delayed XP until SP2.

Win 11 - 2021
Win 10 - 2015
Win 8 - 2012 (8.1 2013)
Win 7 - 2009
Win Vista - 2007
Win XP - 2001 (SP2 in 2004)
Win ME - 2000
Win 98 - 1998
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Man, with Wayland coming out on Linux the only thing stopping me from dumping Windows altogether is HDR. The second that I can natively watch HDR films and/or play HDR games in Linux I'm dumping Windows.
Recently got the Steam Deck OLED, Valve have done some magic on Linux to make HDR games “just work” (and I don’t use this term lightly).

I’m not in the “know” but I wonder if anything they’ve spent time on will be added? Or is it all proprietary and exclusive to SteamOS for now?
I am going back to win 10 then. Wth is this urgency?
Neither 10 nor 11 are old enough to make them last gen.
Windows continues to be less and less an OS people want and more and more an OS to scrape our data, then monetize us in more and more pernicious ways. I wouldn't be surprised if its not completely free and it will be a forced upgrade from 10 or 11.
Recently got the Steam Deck OLED, Valve have done some magic on Linux to make HDR games “just work” (and I don’t use this term lightly).

I’m not in the “know” but I wonder if anything they’ve spent time on will be added? Or is it all proprietary and exclusive to SteamOS for now?
Added to what? If you mean proton, then yes it's all in proton already.
What does the AI actually do for the user? I haven’t seen any demonstration of AI windows. Seems like slapping ”AI” on everything is the trend of the day…
IMO, you got it exactly. To me, its just a BS fad that everyone seems to be jumping on. I have no use for AI on my computer.
Overblown hype, but it WILL usher in a new era of consumer data hording, surveillance, and removal of control from the end user.
I assume you mean on top of the fact that they have spent the entire last two versions of Windows, 10 & 11, not improving anything and just moving things around to make it more difficult for people who know what they are doing to find things again so they can continue doing what they know they are doing.

MS has always been and always will be a bunch of clowns that think they know how to use our computers for us.
To install or not, to wait or not, finally it will be smacked on your face - first, by constant reminder pop-up windows, and in the end, forces you to update either by unstoppable silent upgrade or by stopping support for previous versions.

I am already using Linux as my main OS. I still keep Windows in its own SSD. I just keep it updated and sometimes run games that are difficult to run without many workarounds on Linux. But for everything else, I use Linux including when dealing with sensitive information, emulations, and even Steam games. Many games run well with Proton. And there are many Win9x era DirectDraw based games that run as intended and better under WINE in Linux, than newer Windows themselves.
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