Windows 7 64-bit BSOD

By tommy2k8
Jan 14, 2010
  1. I have been asked by my mate to analyse this BSOD. However, I have installed the Debugging installer for 64-bit systems, and dowloaded both the Intel and AMD 64 symbols from the MS website. I have analysed BSOD's before for Vista 32-bit systems, so how come I can't do this one - I keep getting the wrong symbols!
    His computer is Windows 7 64-bit, but none of the symbol files work! I have an AMD processor with Windows 7 64-bit, the Intel symbols won't work (which is strange because the computer I troubleshooted before was an Inte, My main desktop is an AMD Athlon 32 bit with XP 32-bit. I wish there was a way I could get it to work! So I cannot read the minidump file!
    What can I do?
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