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Jun 13, 2011
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  1. Hi guys, at the moment I am running windows 7 home premium 32 bit version, I have a penguin quad 4, my motherboard is an asrock core4 sata2, which for some reason will only take 2gb ram as maximum, therefore which is the better option to run, the 32bit ver, or the 64bit ?
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    Well seeing as your limited to only 2GB of ram, you could upgrade to Windows 7 64bit and run smooth if you wanted. But as to which may be the better option, i think you should stick with the 32bit windows. You will not get any performance boosts or anything like that by upgrading to 64bit. The only significant differences between the two versions, is the amount of RAM at which they are capable of utilizing.

    Windows 7 64bit supports anywhere from 1GB-120GB+
    Windows 32bit Supports 1GB-4GB
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    64 bit if you have the ram. performance will be slightly better as the CPU works at full potential.
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    since your mobo limits you to 2MB i don't see any advantage to change to W7 64 bit.

    in fact, since you already have a stable W7 32 bit machine with working devices/drivers now, you have little to nothing on the upside to gain but much to more to lose by reinstalling and trying to switch to 64 bit W7.
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    I would ask Asrock if the motherboard will support 2x 2GB memory modules. Whilst the instructions say not, this could be limited to the fact that at the time the board was released in 2007, there was no certified 2GB memory available...

    If you are limited to 2GB - then stick with the 32bit version, as you will have more free memory to do things than with the 64bit version. The reason being is that some applications on the 64 bit version of the OS still run the 32bit application so you have "both" versions of some apps running.

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