Windows 7 boot problems

By ctriana921
Mar 14, 2010
  1. Hi. Yesterday night I was using my acer laptop and when I finished I just closed the lid and went to eat dinner. When I came back and opened it, the power showed it was on but the screen would not light up/come on so I held down the power button to manually turn it off.

    I then restarted it by pressing the power button again, but I noticed something strange after I hit the "boot windows normally option" in the unsafe restart menu thingy. It had the "starting windows" with the animation of the windows logo, but it was taking a good 5minutes before what SEEMED to be a bluescreen of death popped up on the screen for 1/2 a second and dissappeared...

    The computer restarted itself and I was back at the unsafe restart menu. I tried starting windows normally a few more times for the same result.

    A while later I finally hit the start windows boot repair or whatever, it brought me to a sort of desktop view with a cursor. 5 minutes later a window finally pops up saying it is trying to automatically repair things. 20 minutes later it finishes, saying there was nothing wrong and I could finish and restart, I did. Same thing. Spent another 25 minutes getting back to the finish prompt, and hit view more solutions. It brought me to this menu:

    The startup repair was the thing I already had done twice and taken 25 minutes. I tried the memory checker to no avail also. I try clicking system restore and it doesn't do anything.. I will try again later though because I just got fed up last night it was 2am and after 4 hours of trying to get it to work I just gave up.

    If there is some kind of disk or anything I can do.. please help, I just bought this laptop and it didn't come with any kind of disk. Only this pre installed thing in the picture I showed you.
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    bump for 5 posts to post the image.
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    As brand new?
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